Take Pre-Orders on Products

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updated Oct 07 2021
Pre-orders are a fantastic way to generate buzz and excitement for an upcoming product launch, and help to sell more product quickly. This promotion is also great for merchants that sell made-to-order items or have a drop-ship business.
Best For
  • Accelerate product launches
  • Increase sales
Let's do it

1. Select your pre-order products

Do in Shopify

Determine which products make sense to offer as pre-order. Typically these products are either new products you’re launching soon, or items that are made-to-order or drop-shipped.

You can optionally add a product tag, such as 'Pre Order', to make it easier to work with your pre-order products as a group.

Shopify product tag

2. Enable ‘Continue selling when out of stock’

Do in Shopify

Within Shopify, make sure these products are allowed to be purchased when they run out of inventory. To enable this feature, enable the ‘Track quantity’ and ‘Continue selling when out of stock’ feature for each product:

Shopify product inventory setting

3. Create a Pre Order collection

Do in Shopify

Create an ‘Pre Order’ collection to make it easier for customers to navigate your pre-order items.

Shopify collection

4. Offer a discount on Pre Orders

Do in Shopify

To make these products more enticing, consider offering a discount in exchange for pre-ordering your products.

In this example, we'll create a 20% OFF discount code for all items in the Pre Order collection.

Specify the discount code:

Shopify discount code

Choose Percentage for the discount type:

Shopify discount type

Set the discount value to 20% for items in the Pre Order collection:

Shopify discount value

5. Highlight the Pre Order products

Do in Flair

Add a product badge such as ‘Pre Order Now!’ to all eligible products:

Flair badge

6. Promote the Pre Order collection

Do in Flair

Make your pre-order products easy to find by adding a Flair banner that links to your Pre Order collection:

Flair banner