Flair banners launch plus new page and customer conditions

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Today I’m excited to share with you the latest Flair release notes and updates, just in time for the holiday shopping rush. This release features three new additions: Flair banners launch – a new tool for promoting sales in your shop Page type condition – show badges and banners in specific sections of your shop Customer conditions – show promotions … Read More

Best Sellers Update: A New Look

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I’m pleased to share with you the latest release of Best Sellers. This update includes a completely new look for Best Sellers. Every section of the app was redesigned from the ground up. The end result should be an even easier experience for promoting and gaining insights on your best selling products to help your store succeed. Continue reading below … Read More

8 Black Friday / Cyber Monday Promotion Ideas

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As an e-commerce merchant, the Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend could be your biggest sales opportunity of the year. Failing to seize the day might make a big impact on your overall sales for the year. This Thanksgiving weekend shoppers are prepared to open their wallets to the tune of billions of dollars. With advance planning, your e-commerce store … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Product Badges

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Are you using product badges to promote products within your e-commerce store? If not, you might be missing out on some sales. Product badges let you make more sales from your existing customers by highlighting key product details. You can even use badges to tap into powerful psychological triggers such as scarcity, social proof, and urgency to boost sales. In … Read More

Flair Update – Multiple Rule Support

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Flair product badges have always let you configure a Shopify product badge to show automatically based on a rule. For example, you could show a product badge for products based on: Create date Sale price Inventory levels Product tag But if you wanted to show a badge for products that were both on sale and in stock? Since this required … Read More

High Converting Product Badge Ideas From 3 Top E-commerce Merchants

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Product badges are an excellent way to highlight products and boost sales. According to one source, using product badges on your e-commerce site can increase conversion rates by 55%. Product badges have numerous benefits including: Helping shoppers find products more easily Increasing conversions by using social proof Getting customers to buy now with scarcity and urgency Creatively and efficiently educating … Read More

5 Ways To Add Social Proof to Your Shopify Store

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How does a shopper decide which product to buy out of the sea of possible product options available? In other words, how does one product stand out from the crowd? One powerful way to make your products stand out is by using Social Proof. People, by our very nature, are social creatures. Like it or not, we are influenced by … Read More