Promote Your Best Sellers

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updated Oct 07 2021
Your best selling products have built-in social proof -- they are best sellers after all! Shoppers are more likely to buy based on the behavior of others, so let’s help them find these hot items quickly.
Best For
  • Increase conversions
  • Increase average order size
  • Product discovery
Let's do it

1. Identify your best sellers

First we need to determine which products are our best sellers so we know which items to promote. Unfortunately Shopify does not provide tools for this, so you may want to track your best sellers with an app like Best Seller Insights. Once you’ve found your best selling items, you can add a product tag like "Best Seller" to each of them so you can work with them as a group.

Shopify product tag
Larger stores will benefit from streamlining this process by using Shopify's bulk product editor, an app or custom code.

2. Create a Best Sellers Collection

Do in Shopify

Next, let’s create an automated Shopify Collection based on the "Best Seller" product tag we added.

Shopify collection

3. Give Flair to your Best Sellers

Do in Flair

We want to make sure shoppers take notice when they’re looking at a best selling item. Let’s add a product badge to our best selling items so they really stand out.

Flair badge

4. Promote your Best Sellers!

Do in Flair

Now that we’ve got our best sellers identified, tagged, and badged, it’s time to promote them across our store for maximum exposure. Let’s create a Banner on our homepage that links to our best sellers.

Flair banner