T Lab + Flair

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updated Aug 30 2022
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Flair and T Lab - AI Language Translate integrate natively with Shopify so you can translate all of your Flair badge and banner promotions with ease.

Setting up translations

Create a shop or product Shopify metafield for each piece of text you'd like to translate.

For example, you can create a shop metafield called custom.flair-promo and set it to the text for your current promotion such as Huge Savings - Special Weekend Sale.

Note: The metafield type must be translatable within Shopify. We recommend using the single_line_text_field metafield type.

Translating text within T Lab - AI Language Translate

Translate product metafields

  • Click Translations > Translation of Product metafields > Choose a product > Add your translation.

Translate shop metafields

  • Click Translations > Translation of Shop metafields > Add your translation.

Using translations within Flair

Then you can use these translations by adding the metafield as badge dynamic text or banner dynamic text.

For example, if you have a Flair banner message stored in a Shop metafield called custom.flair-promo, you can add this to your Flair banner content:

{{ metafield.shop.custom.flair-promo }}

Flair will automatically replace this with the translated banner message within your shop.

Additional translation options

T Lab - AI Language Translate also supports custom content translations you can use to dynamically translate any text on your Shopify store, including Flair promotion text.