Flair Uninstall Guide

2 min read
updated Jul 16 2023

Do you need help setting up Flair?

If you have any questions or need help with the Flair set up, you can contact us anytime. All paid Flair plans include free installation.

This page covers the steps for canceling your Flair account and removing Flair badges and banners from your theme.

Removing the Flair badges and banners

Before you uninstall Flair, you can visit the Flair Settings, and click Disable Flair. This will hide all badges and banners in your shop.

If you already uninstalled Flair, you can just reinstall Flair, and don't choose a plan, and Flair will automatically disable the badges and banners in your shop.

Removing the Flair render lines from your theme

If you plan on reinstalling Flair in the future, you can skip this step so don't need to reinstall Flair next time.

To fully remove Flair, you need to remove the Flair snippet lines you added during the install process.

Once you remove all these lines, you can safely remove all Flair files from your theme.

Removing the Flair files from your theme

Before you remove any files

Be sure you have removed any Flair render lines from your theme.

Here is a list of all files that Flair may add to your theme:

  • snippets/flair-product-badges.liquid
  • snippets/flair-banners.liquid
  • sections/flair-product-badges.liquid
  • sections/flair-banners.liquid

On older Flair set ups you may also have the following files:

  • snippets/flair-app-init.liquid
  • assets/flair-app.js

You can safely delete these after you removed any render lines you added during the install process.

If you missed a Flair snippet line, you will see an error similar to:

Liquid error: Could not find asset snippets/flair-product-badges.liquid

You can fix this error by creating an empty theme file by that name (i.e. snippets/flair-product-badges.liquid) and then search your theme for the place that is still using that snippet.

Canceling your Flair plan

To cancel your Flair plan, remove the app from within your Shopify Admin as follows:

  • Visit Shopify Admin > Settings > Apps and sales channels
  • Click Uninstall next to Flair and then follow the prompts.

See also the Shopify guide for removing apps for more info.