Flair Dynamic Banner Text

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updated Aug 22, 2022


Flair banner content can show dynamic information such as countdown timers and metafield values.


Add a countdown timer to your banner:

  • {{ countdown }} - display a countdown timer based on the scheduled unpublish date of your banner.

Check out to the Flair countdown timer guide for more information on using countdown timers.


Show shop and product metafield values:

  • {{ metafield.shop.namespace.key }} - display the value of the shop metafield stored at namespace.key
  • {{ metafield.product.namespace.key }} - display the value of the product metafield stored at namespace.key


To show the product metafield stored at namespace custom and key promo:

Shop Now - {{ metafield.product.custom.promo }}

This displays as:

Shop Now - Labor Day Weekend Sale!

NOTE: Metafield values are displayed using the Shopify metafield_text liquid filter.

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If you’d like to see support for any dynamic variables that aren’t listed here, let us know.