How Staples makes their best sellers sell even better

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updated Jun 14, 2017
How Staples makes their best sellers sell even better

As you may recall, I recently discussed how my daughter and I had a hard time making slime together due to the lack of one of the key ingredients.

At the time, Elmer’s glue was very hard to come by due to the popularity of the slime making craze. Slime making was so popular that Elmer’s glue was sold out in almost every local store that carried it.

Well this past weekend, when I was at my local Staples, I couldn’t help but notice this deal of the week display:

This display acts like a guiding beacon of light to any slime making enthusiasts.

How do I know? You see, my daughter was with me and I can tell you first hand she was drawn to this display like a moth to the flame (and yes we now own a giant tub of Elmer’s glue).

In today’s post, we’ll discuss some of the techniques used in this Staples deal of the week promotion:

  • Location, location, location
  • Creating urgency with limited time discounts
  • Using education to attract new customers
  • Selling in bulk to make more per order

Perhaps you can apply some of these same techniques within your Shopify store.

Location, location, location

The first key ingredient for running a successful promotion is getting your promotion in front of your customers in the right place and at the right time. You may have the best offer for your customers, but it might still perform poorly if you don’t put it in the right place for your customers.

Staples put this deal of the week Elmer’s glue display front and center so it was the first thing you saw when you walked in the store. This made it impossible to miss, and is sure to make this promotion much more successful.

If Staples had buried this display back in the school supply aisle, we might not have seen it.

Creating urgency with limited time discounts

Another key element to a good promotion is timing. If your promotion runs forever, there is no incentive for a customer to buy now. They can always come back later to take advantage of an offer.

Staples makes this promotion much more effective by putting a time frame on this deal. Since it is a “Deal of the week”, there is already an implied timer running on when this deal will expire.

They also do a good job of highlighting the discount price vs the regular price, and featuring the words “special limited time” next to it so customers know this offer won’t last.

Using education to attract new customers

One way to increase sales for an item is to use education to teach customers they should buy what you are selling. In this case, if a Staples customer had never heard of the slime craze, they’d probably just walk right past this giant mega Elmer’s glue deal. Who really needs this much glue anyway?

Staples does a great job of educating their customers about the slime craze. They feature a picture of two kids playing with slime, as well as an eye-catching slime graphic. They even provide a phone number you can text a message to to get free slime making recipes.

Selling in bulk to make more per order

The last point I’d like to discuss about this deal of the week promotion is the size of this Elmer’s glue bottle. Let’s be honest, this is an insane amount of glue.

By selling this glue in this giant size, Staples is able to increase the average order amount for customers buying glue. A typical glue bottle runs roughly $1 to $2. This larger size ends up being a meaningful increase in the amount a customer would typically spend.

In this case, the bulk version of Elmer’s glue results in just a larger bottle. However, for Shopify stores, it is also fairly common to offer bulk quantities of items for a discount.

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That wraps up our discussion of the Staples deal of the week promotion for Elmer’s glue.

By using a combination of promotion techniques, Staples is able to help make one of their popular products, Elmer’s glue, sell even better.

In your Shopify store, you can also use many of these same techniques:

  • Feature your promotions prominently in your store
  • Use urgency with limited time deals to capture more sales
  • Educate your customers on why they should buy your items
  • Sell products in bulk to increase your average order size

I hope you are able to apply some of these same techniques to your Shopify store to make more even more sales.