Promote Almost Gone Products

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updated Oct 07 2021
Products that are marked as “Almost Gone!” are appealing to customers for two reasons - they are scarce — shoppers may not be able to buy them again, and they are beloved — lots of other people bought this item so it must be good. Promote your Almost Gone products to clear out inventory and make room for new items!
Best For
  • Increase conversions
  • Increase sales
Let's do it

1. Determine which products qualify

What products are considered to be almost gone depends entirely on how quickly products sell, and how much inventory is left. Many stores may consider items with less than 10 units left to be almost gone. Some stores with higher sales velocity may consider items with 100 units left. Decide what works best for you and your store.

2. Create an Almost Gone collection

Do in Shopify

Use an automated Shopify collection to group all of your products that are about to sell out. For example, you can add a collection condition where inventory stock is greater than 0 and less than 10.

Shopify colllection

This collection will be updated automatically to include products with less than 10 units in stock.

The inventory total used for this collection is across all product variants. You will need to build a custom solution if you need this to work at the variant level, since Shopify does not natively offer this feature.

3. Highlight the Almost Gone products

Do in Flair

Promote your almost gone products with a dynamic product badge showing the number of items remaining such as ‘Only 3 left’:

Flair badge

If you have products with multiple variants, this works best if the quantity left is based on the selected variant. In other words, if a customer is viewing a size: Small, color: Blue t-shirt, the quantity left should be for that specific combination.

4. Promote the Almost Gone collection

Do in Flair

Promote your Almost Gone collection throughout your shop to maximize results with a banner like this:

Flair banner

Consider featuring the Almost Gone collection on your Shopify home page to boost awareness.