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Product recommendation ideas for your Shopify store

May 2, 2017 Product recommendation ideas for your Shopify store

Today, i’d like to share with you a few tips related to recommending products within your Shopify store. These are tips you can use right now to help your customers find the right product within your store.

This topic was inspired by a recent experience I had when my in-laws came up to visit. My in-laws come up a few times a year to spend time with us, and more importantly to spoil the grandkids.

In recent years, i’ve noticed the number of electronic devices we have has been steadily increasing. We are talking a nearly 2 to 1 device to person ratio in my family these days.

With my in-laws in town, the additional 4 devices would have normally resulted in a nearly overwhelming jumble of power cables and devices. Members of my family would have been jockeying for position to keep their devices powered up.

However, on this particular trip, things changed.

You see, I recently purchased this bamboo charging station:

Bamboo charging station

This charging station has single-handedly made it so we could accommodate both our family, as well as our visiting in-laws, charging needs without breaking a sweat. In fact, my in-laws liked it so much they ended up buying one for themselves.

So what does this have to do with recommending products within your Shopify store?

Well, when I was deciding which charging station to buy on Amazon, I had a LOT of options to choose from. Amazon did a great job of using product recommendation techniques to help me decide which charging station, as well as the corresponding charger and cables, to purchase.

In today’s post, I’d like to share a few of these product recommendation techniques with you. You can then use these techniques as inspiration for recommending products within your own Shopify store.

#Frequently bought together

First up is the frequently bought together technique as seen here:

Frequently bought together

The frequently bought together technique can be a great way to suggest products that typically go together. In this case, I also needed a charger to go with my charging station which Amazon let me know right away.

Amazon also makes it let’s you add both of the suggested items to your cart with a single button. Making it easier to add these items to the shopping cart should help convert to more sales.

By bundling your products together, your customers should end up buying more items, which should increase your average order value for your store.

#Customers who bought this also bought

The next approach I’d like to share is the customers who bought this also bought technique, as seen here:

Customers also bought

This is very similar to the frequently bought together technique, with one subtle difference.

The frequently bought together is used to promote specific bundles of products that go together. In other words, the customer most likely would use these products together, so they should be bought together.

The customers also bought approach, however, may include a wider range of items to choose from. These items don’t necessarily have to be used together. They just happen to be items that are often purchased by the same customer, like diapers and beer.

Showing items that others also bought is a great way to recommend additional products in your store. These items have been proven, based on sales history, to be popular with customers that bought the currently viewed item.

#Customers buy after viewing

Up next is the customers buy after viewing technique, as seen here:

Customers buy after viewing this item

Showing your customers what others have purchased works well because:

  1. This acts as social proof, making it easier for your customer decide to purchase an item based on other shopper’s behavior
  2. This makes it easier to surface other related products that may be a better fit for your customer

The combination of social proof and product discovery can be a powerful addition to your product recommendation strategy.

#Compare to similar items

The final product recommendation technique I’d like to share is the compare to similar items technique, as seen here:

Compare to similar items

The compare to similar items makes it easy for your shoppers to easily compare similar items within your Shopify store. This is basically like a mini comparison shopping engine, all hosted within a particular product page.

This technique can work well if you have many similar or related items that appeal to different portions of your customer base.

By making it easy for your customers to see other product choices in your store, you increase the chance of connecting your customers with the right product.

This should help keep your customers shopping within your store, rather than jumping back to Google to search for alternatives.

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This concludes our round up of product recommendation ideas. To recap, we discussed the following product recommendation techniques:

  • Frequently bought together - Suggest easy product combinations that go together as a bundle to your customers
  • Customers who bought this also bought - Show other related items your customer may be interested in based on past sales history
  • Customers buy after viewing - Show the most popular purchase choices your customers end up making after viewing a product
  • Compare to similar items - Show other products and features to make it easy to comparison shop

Hopefully this should inspire you to try a few new product recommendation ideas within your Shopify store.

Note: Here are the links to the charging station, charger and cables I purchased in case you are interested: