How to make your Shopify best sellers sell even better

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updated Apr 12, 2017
How to make your Shopify best sellers sell even better

My daughter (who turns 8 this month) has always been into making crafts. Her most recent project involved creating slime by mixing together common household ingredients. Sounds easy enough right?

However, it turns out one of these common ingredients is not so common any longer.

You see, as we were collecting the ingredients before we started the project, we realized we were missing one of the key ingredients. This missing ingredient was Elmer’s glue.

So, we jumped in the car and headed out to our neighborhood Walgreens to pickup some Elmer’s glue. We got to the store, and walked back to the school supply aisle. And this is what we found where the Elmer’s glue should be:

As it turns out, my daughter is not alone in her desire to make slime.

You see, thanks to YouTube, Instagram and crafty kids, there has been a huge surge for Elmer’s glue recently. In fact, the demand for glue has surged to the point that stores are having trouble keeping it in stock.

If your store sells a popular item, such as this Elmer’s glue, you may be able to make your product even more popular by using the right promotion techniques.

The products in your Shopify store will naturally ebb and flow in popularity. By paying attention to your product’s sales trends, you can make the most out of this popularity to make even more sales.

How is this possible? Displaying the popularity of a product acts as social proof. This lets your shoppers know this product is popular with other shoppers.

Social proof can lead to more sales since people are more likely to buy based on a product’s proven track record.

You can display a products popularity using a variety of on-site techniques, such as:

  • Best seller badges
  • Product reviews
  • Product ratings

You can display these popularity indicators throughout your store on both your Shopify product collections and directly on your Shopify product pages.

Combine product popularity with scarcity to lead to even more sales

You can combine displaying a product’s popularity with displaying limited quantities available to make even more sales.

If you have a product in your store that is hard to keep in stock, you may want to consider adding the quantity remaining available front and center.

This creates a scarcity effect which leads to more sales since shoppers don’t want to miss out. This is similar to the technique you see in TV ads that says “Hurry while supplies last!”.

Whenever you get a new shipment in for a popular product that is hard to keep in stock, you can also use this as an opportunity for marketing this product to your customers.

For example, if I sold Elmer’s glue and I just got a new shipment in, I’d want to be sure to let my customers know:

  • Elmer’s glue is flying off the shelves
  • I just got a new shipment in, so hurry while supplies last

Displaying a product’s popularity as well as scarcity can create a powerful combination which should ultimately lead to even more conversions and sales.

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Your best selling products can sell even better if you promote their popularity to your customers.

A product’s popularity acts as social proof and shoppers will be more likely to buy based on a product’s proven track record.

You can also display a product’s scarcity in combination with its popularity to amplify this effect to lead to even more sales.

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