How Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart promote best sellers

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updated Sep 14, 2016
How Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart promote best sellers

Promoting your best sellers can be a great way to double down on what’s working and maximize sales.

In this post, we’ll take a look at examples of how Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart promote their best selling products. These examples should hopefully provide some inspiration for promoting your best selling products within your store.

Sound good? Great, let’s dive in.

How Amazon promotes best sellers


Amazon does a great job of promoting their best sellers prominently throughout their site. As you can see above, any best-selling product gets an eye-catching badge to show off its best selling status. This badge shines like a beacon of social proof to let shopper’s know this product is popular with others.

If you scroll a bit further down the product page, Amazon will also showcase other categories and ranks for this product:


Cross promoting other categories in this way can be a great way to encourage shopper’s to browse related categories for other purchase ideas.

Amazon also does a great job of calling out best seller ranks for products in collections:


These best seller badges call attention to the best sellers and help them stand out from the crowd of other products on Amazon.

How Best Buy promotes best sellers

Best Buy uses a more subtle approach than Amazon to promoting best sellers throughout it’s site.

The primary way to shop by best seller on Best Buy is by sorting by Best Selling on any of the category and search pages as seen here:


You’ll note that Best Buy does not use any sort of best seller badge to highlight best selling products explicitly.

In addition, Best Buy will call attention to best sellers in certain categories to help shoppers narrow their search. You can see an example of this in their best selling music collection here:


How Walmart promotes best sellers

Walmart uses a combination of best seller badges and category ranking lists to promote best sellers through their site.

Their approach is very similar to Amazon’s, but with a bit less emphasis places on best sellers site wide.

Here is an example of Walmart’s best seller badges shown in the laptop category:


The badge calls attention to the product, and provides a link to visit the category the product is a best seller within.

Also, the Walmart badge is used differently than Amazon’s badge in a couple ways:

  • Walmart only shows the badge on category pages, not on the individual product pages.
  • Walmart does not indicate the rank of the best seller within the badge.

Walmart also showcases other best selling product categories and ranks within their product pages:


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To recap, here are the highlights of how Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart promote best sellers throughout their sites:

  • Use best seller badges on product pages
  • Use best seller badges on collection pages
  • Show additional best seller ranks and collections on product pages
  • Allow category / search pages to be sorted by best sellers

I hope this provides you with a bit of inspiration for promoting your own best sellers.

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