Run a VIP Customer Sale

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updated Oct 07 2021
Your existing customers are more likely to buy from you again compared to a brand new visitor, and doubly so for your most active customers. Let’s reward our Customer VIPs with discounts just for them, while boosting our overall sales.
Best For
  • Increase conversions
  • Increase average order size
Let's do it

1. Document the details

First you’ll need to determine a few things before we get started:

  • Which customers can participate in the sale? Consider choosing customers based on how many orders they've made, or the amount they've spent on your products.
  • Which products are a part of the sale? You could run this offer store-wide, or you could limit your sale to a set of products or collections.
  • What are the terms of the sale? You can offer a percent discount such as ‘Spend $75 Get 20% OFF’. Or you can offer a fixed amount such as ‘Spend $75 Get $15 OFF’.
  • When should the sale start and end?

2. Identify your best customers

Do in Shopify

Use the Shopify Customer Report to find your best customers (e.g., spent $100+).

Add a customer tag such as "VIP" to these customers so we can work with them as a group.

Shopify customer tag

Now we need to save our VIP customers to a named customer filter so we can create a [Shopify discount code](/guides/discounting-shopify-products/) just for them.

Modify the Customer Report to show the customers tagged with 'VIP', and then click the 'Save Filters' button and save this as a 'VIP Group'.

Shopify customer group

3. Create a discount for your customers

Do in Shopify

To implement this sale in Shopify, you can use a Discount Code or Script Editor discount.

Use the details from Step 1 to create the VIP Shopify discount.

In this example, we'll create a 30% OFF discount code for customers in the VIP Group.

Specify the discount code:

Shopify discount code

Choose Percentage for the discount type:

Shopify discount type

Set the discount value to 30%:

Shopify discount value

Limited this discount to customers in the 'VIP Group' we created in Step 2:

Shopify discount customer

4. Promote the Sale

Do in Flair

Welcome your best customers to your sale with a custom sale banner on your store.

Flair banner

Only customers with the 'VIP' tag should see this banner since this is an exclusive sale.

5. Highlight the VIP sale items

Do in Flair

Highlight the items on sale using a product badge such as ‘VIP SALE’ like so:

Flair badge

Level Up!

  • Add a countdown timer to create urgency
  • Set a minimum purchase amount to increase average order value