Promote New Arrivals

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updated Oct 27 2021
When you get new items for your store you want to start selling them fast! New releases make your shop feel fresh and vibrant and shoppers love seeing them. Make those new items stand out so they are easy to find and promote.

Customers tend to order the same healthy snacks from us regularly, but also like to mix in some new flavors or other brands to try. We used the “New Arrivals” recipe to automatically add a “New Release” badge to products that were added in the last 30 days so they could be easily discovered. These new products saw a 175% boost in sales compared to previous product launches that didn’t use this strategy.

Best For
  • Accelerate product launches
  • Increase sales
Let's do it

1. Choose your new arrivals

Do in Shopify

Since Shopify doesn’t have support for automating the promotion of new items, we can organize them with a product tag like “New Arrival”.

Shopify product tag

Note: You’ll need to decide when to remove this tag, indicating that the item is no longer “new”. You can streamline this process using Shopify’s bulk product edit feature or with a custom script.

2. Create a new arrival collection

Do in Shopify

Create an automated Shopify collection based on your “New Arrival” product tag:

Shopify collection

As a shortcut, you could link directly to your Shopify ‘All’ collection, sorted by create date to show your newest items first:

3. Highlight the new arrivals

Do in Flair

Use a “New Arrival” product badge to make them stand out in your store:

Flair badge

4. Promote your new arrivals

Do in Flair

Use a banner to promote your new arrivals throughout your shop and link to the collection you just created:

Flair banner

For maximum exposure you can also feature the new arrivals collection on your Shopify home page.

Level Up!

  • Combine this promotion technique with a discount on new arrivals to increase sales