Selling More on Shopify

Promote Staff Picks

6 min read
updated Oct 07, 2021
Your staff know your products better than anyone, and staff picks are a great way to guide customers to the best products. Like a Best Seller promotion, Staff Picks are a great and easy form of social proof that always prove to be effective.
Best For
  • Increase Conversions
  • Quickly Move Inventory
Let's do it

1. Make your selections

Ask your team to select the items they’d most like to recommend.

Add a product tag such as ‘Staff Pick’ to these picks to make them easier to manage. Shopify product tag

2. Create a Staff Picks collection

Create a ‘Staff Picks’ Shopify collection so your shoppers can browser your staff picks.

Shopify collection

3. Highlight the staff picks

Add a ‘Staff Pick’ Flair product badge to make your products stand out:

Flair badge

4. Promote the Staff Picks collection

Create a Flair banner across to display throughout your store that links to your Staff Picks collection:

Flair banner

Level Up!

  • Combine this with a discount on Staff picks to further increase sales
  • Create a unique Staff pick list for multiple team members so your customers are more likely to find recommendations that match their tastes.