Promote a % Off Discount Sale

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updated Oct 07 2021
Absolutely everybody loves a deal. Limited-time percent-off discounts can drive urgency to buy now before the deal is done. But if a discount exists and nobody knows about it, does it really exist? Let’s make sure everyone knows they can take advantage of this deal today.
Best For
  • Increase conversions
  • Increase average order size
Let's do it

1. Document the details

First you’ll need to determine a few things before we get started:

  • Which products are on sale? Everything, or just a certain category or set of items?
  • How much of a discount will you offer?
  • When does the sale begin, and when does it end?

2. Create an “On Sale” collection

Do in Shopify

You can skip this step if this is a storewide sale, or if your sale items are already in a collection.

Create an ‘On Sale’ collection to make it easier for customers to navigate your sale items. This collection will also make it easy to limit the discount to specific items in the next step.

Shopify collection

3. Implement the discount in Shopify

Do in Shopify

To implement this sale in Shopify, you can use a Manual, Discount Code, Automatic or Script Editor discount.

Use the details from Step 1 to create the % Off [Shopify discount](/guides/discounting-shopify-products/).

In this example, we'll create a 20% OFF discount code for all items in the On Sale collection.

Specify the discount code:

Shopify discount code

Choose Percentage for the discount type:

Shopify discount type

Set the discount value to 20% for items in the On Sale collection:

Shopify discount value

4. Promote the savings

Do in Flair

Use a product badge to display the discount next to the normal price for each product on sale.

Flair badge

You can experiment with showing the savings either as a percentage (SAVE 20%) or as a dollar amount (SAVE $10). The difference can have a big impact, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

For example, an item that normally sells for $10 and is on sale for $8 would benefit more from a “20% OFF” badge, compared to a “$2 OFF” one.

5. Promote the sale

Do in Flair

Ensure every visitor to your site knows about this sale with a banner, linked to your ‘On Sale’ collection, like this:

Flair banner

Consider featuring the ‘On Sale’ collection on your store home page for maximum exposure.

Level Up!

  • Add a countdown timer to your site banner to drive urgency
  • Set a minimum purchase amount to increase average order value