Promote Your In Stock products

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updated Oct 07 2021
Sometimes just having stock available can drive sales, especially for fast selling items. Promoting items that are in stock reminds customers that this is a temporary status, and can help to drive urgency.
Best For
  • Increase conversions
  • Increase sales
Let's do it

1. Create an In Stock collection

Do in Shopify

Create an 'In Stock' Shopify collection to make it easier for customers to find your available products.

Shopify collection

If you have products that allow overselling, you may need to use a product tag to include them in this collection.

2. Highlight the In Stock products

Do in Flair

Add a product badge ‘In Stock’ to all relevant products:

Flair badge

3. Promote the In Stock collection

Do in Flair

Create a Flair banner across the site that links to your In Stock collection:

Flair banner

Level Up!

  • Display shipping estimates such as "Ships Today" or delivery estimates "Get It By Friday" to increase conversions