Keeping your Shopify store running smoothly

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updated Jun 06, 2018
Keeping your Shopify store running smoothly

I recently had a service technician over to fix our house phone system. Our phones had stopped working recently and just showed the message “Check tel line”.

Unfortunately, this is not a new scenario for us. It seems like our phone will stop working every year or so and require a service visit to fix it.

But this time the fix was different, and I’m optimistic we’ve fixed it for good.

So what was the fix?

The fix involved removing this jumble of wires from the phone box that sits on the side of my house:

You see, even though these wires were connected to my phone system and crammed into the box that sits on the side of my house, they were not needed and were actually causing problems.

So how did my phone system end up with all of these unnecessary wires?

Over the years, we’ve switched phone service providers probably a half dozen times. At some point along the way, one of these providers decided to just add an extra group of cables probably “to make it easier” for them to install.

And that is where my troubles began. From that moment forward every other provider that came along just kept adding to the mess until nobody could say for sure why all of those wires were in there.

The moral of this little story is that shortcuts now can often result in an unpleasant payback in the future. In other words, by cutting corners now you may end up having problems down the road that you have to deal with.

In running your e-commerce store, maybe you are cutting a corner now to save you a bit of time or effort. Perhaps your development team skipped a few best practices to meet a deadline. Or maybe one of your Shopify apps decided to do things the simplest way instead of the best way.

Avoiding the jumble of wires in your Shopify store

The key to avoiding your store turning into the equivalent of a jumble of wires is to put a focus on quality for any changes within your store. This means paying attention to detail for every decision that goes into the building of your store.

Use shortcuts intentionally, but sparingly

Let’s be honest — in e-commerce short cuts are not just common they are sometimes necessary.

You need to get that product launched, start that sale on time or get that order shipped. In these situations, you’ll do whatever it takes.

When this happens, don’t beat yourself up. Simply weigh the pros and the cons of the shortcut. If the cons aren’t that bad maybe you can live with the shortcut going forward. Otherwise, you should try to circle back to do things “the right way”.

Too many shortcuts will add up and eventually make managing your store more difficult as time goes on.

Understand the changes taking place in your store

You should have a good understanding of the types of changes people make to your store. That way you can watch out for things that may lead to trouble for you in the future.

For example, if you hire a development shop to make changes to your theme, you should verify these changes are done in a reasonable manner. Bad development can result in a slower experience for your shoppers. It can also slow down future development in your Shopify store.

Keeping a handle on what types of changes are being made to your store is a great way to keep your store running smoothly.

Choose your Shopify apps wisely

Shopify apps are a great way to add functionality to your store. However, you should choose your apps wisely since they can have such a huge impact on your store. Shopify apps have the power to create files in your themes and affect the performance of your Shopify store.

Good Shopify apps should never slow down your store. Also, Shopify apps should ideally use a light touch when it comes to modifying your stores’ theme files.

So choose your Shopify apps wisely as they can have a pretty big impact on both your ability to modify your theme as well as your store’s performance.

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When using shortcuts in your Shopify store, just keep in mind that they can add up and result in the equivalent of my jumble of wires.

To stay ahead of things, focus on quality for every aspect of running your shop. This includes decisions for the management of your store, theme development, as well as any Shopify apps you are using.

I personally will not be letting any service providers work on my wiring in the future without verifying their work going forwards. You should treat changes in your e-commerce store similarly if you want keep your store running well.

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