Using emojis to promote your Shopify products

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created Aug 02 2017
Using emojis to promote your Shopify products

A couple days ago, I discovered that my Shopify app Flair supports an unexpected feature.

So what exactly is this feature?

This is the note I received from Flair customer Ed:

Looks like emojis work in the text field as well. I might make a few badges with those in them

Ed - Sensory Edge

As it turns out, even though I hadn't planned for it, Flair supports emojis within the product badges. Now that was a pleasant surprise.

Whether your love them 😍 or hate them 👿, emojis are here to stay.

After giving this a bit of thought 🤔, I decided to use this news as inspiration for today's blog post.

In this post, i'll discuss how you can use emojis within your Shopify store to help promote your products.

This will include:

  • Why would you want to promote products with emojis
  • Emojis for scarcity and urgency
  • Emojis for social proof
  • Emojis for sales and promotions

Why would you want to promote products with emojis

One thing's for sure, emojis have become hugely popular. Why they are so popular is probably in the eye of the beholder.

I personally think emojis work well for the same reason pictures are better than just using text for your products:

A picture or an emoji is worth a thousand words

OK, realistically an emoji is probably worth more like 10 words, maybe a dozen, at best.

But emojis work well because they can effectively communicate a feeling or emotion much more effectively than just words alone.

Emoji's are great for another reason. They are excellent at capturing your customer's attention.

How is this?

You see, when a customer sees an emoji, it can instantly catch their attention. Emojis have a tendency to stand out more than text in your store.

Once you have your customer's attention, you'll have the opportunity to get your message across more easily. The more your customers know about your sales and promotions, the more you should see an increase in sales for your store.

You can combine emojis with proven sales techniques such as scarcity, urgency and social proof. This powerful combination can help lead to even more sales.

For example, you can use emojis for promotions such as:

  • 🔥 Hurry - only 5 left!
  • ⏱️ Today only!
  • 🏆 Best Seller
  • 💰 Huge savings

In the rest of this post, I'll list several emojis you can use to promote your Shopify products. This will include emojis broken down by section for promoting urgency and scarcity, social proof, as well as sales and promotions.

Emojis for scarcity and urgency

You can use emojis to promote scarcity and urgency to help drive more sales within your Shopify store.

The overall theme here revolves around limited availability of items. This limit can be based on a limited quantity available, also known as scarcity. Or the limit can be based on limited time, also known as urgency.

Here are a few emojis you can use for promoting scarcity and urgency within your Shopify store:

  • 🎟️ - Admission Tickets
  • 🔑 - Key
  • ⏰ - Clock
  • 🔥 - Fire
  • 💣 - Bomb
  • ⌛ - Hourglass
  • ⏱️ - Stopwatch

Emojis for social proof

You can also use emojis for promoting social proof within your Shopify store. Social proof is a signal your shoppers can use to know a product is popular with other shoppers in your store. Social proof helps increase conversions as shoppers are more likely to buy products that are proven popular with others.

You can easily display social proof in your store through the use of Best Seller badges. You can also display social proof using hand-picked products such as by displaying Staff Pick badges.

Here are a few emojis that should complement social proof promotions within your store:

  • 😍 - Smiling Face With Heart-Eyes
  • 🏆 - Trophy
  • 🥇 - 1st Place Medal
  • 🎯 - Direct Hit
  • 👀- Eyes
  • 👏 - Clapping Hands
  • 😎 - Smiling Face With Sunglasses
  • 🎉 - Party Popper
  • 😂 - Face With Tears of Joy
  • 🤗 - Hugging Face

Emojis for sales and promotions

Sales and promotions can be a great way to drive more sales within your store. But sometimes it can be hard to get the word out about the items that are currently on sale.

This is where emojis can really help out. By placing a carefully chosen emoji to match your current sale, you can really help spread the word and make sure your customers know when products are on sale.

Without further ado, here is a list of emojis you can try using for marketing your current product sales and promotions:

  • 💰 - Money Bag
  • 💸 - Money With Wings
  • 💡 - Light Bulb
  • 🔦 - Flashlight
  • ⚡ - High Voltage
  • 🛍 - Shopping Bags
  • ✨ - Sparkles
  • 📣 - Cheering Megaphone
  • ⭐ - White Medium Star
  • ☝️ - Index Pointing Up
  • 💥 - Collision
  • 🎈 - Balloon
  • 🎁 - Wrapped Gift
  • 🤑 - Money-Mouth Face

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That about wraps up 🎁 this post about using emojis to help promote your Shopify products.

Used wisely, emojis can be a nice tool to help you market your products and grow your store's sales. You can use emojis for promoting:

  • Scarcity and urgency
  • Social proof
  • Sales and promotions
  • And much more

If I missed any emojis you think deserve a mention, let me know in the comments and i'll add them to the list.