How to feature collections on Shopify by using sections

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created May 10 2017
How to feature collections on Shopify by using sections

This past weekend, my daughter (who's in 2nd grade) brought a friend home from school to stay with us for the weekend. However, this was not your typical sleep over scenario.

You see, each week, my daughter's teacher rewards one student by letting them take home Ora, the stuffed owl featured here:

Ora the stuffed owl

This week my daughter was the lucky recipient.

The students love to take Ora home for the weekend so they can take her on adventures. Part of the experience involves taking lots of photos with Ora out and about around town. The photo above was taken at our local bagel store.

Students record the experience, complete with pictures, in a class notebook. The next week, they bring Ora and the notebook back to school to share Ora's adventures with the rest of the class.

This sharing of experiences was my daughter's favorite part of bringing Ora home for the weekend.

Speaking of sharing, one great way you can share products within your store is by featuring them on your store's homepage. Featuring your products prominently on your homepage puts them front and center so shoppers are more likely to see (and buy) them.

In today's post, I'd like to show you how you can feature products from any Shopify collection directly on your homepage by using Shopify sections.

What are Shopify theme sections?

Shopify introduced theme customization with sections at the end of last year. From Shopify's announcement:

Think of sections as individual, customizable components of a theme. Within each section, you or your client can easily add, reorder, and remove chunks of content such as products, slideshows, videos, or collections.

In other words, sections make it easy for you to customize the content of your Shopify store. The best part is you can do this without needing to edit any HTML or Liquid code.

Many of the themes in the Shopify theme store have now added support for sections. If you are using an updated theme, you may already have support for sections.

Shopify sections currently only support modifying a store's homepage. You can't use Sections to modify internal portions of your Shopify store such as Collections or Pages.

How to feature your best selling collection using Shopify Theme Sections

Let's say you've created a collection of your best selling products. Now you want to feature these best sellers on your Shopify homepage so all of your shoppers can see them.

If your theme supports sections, featuring this best sellers collection on your homepage will be a piece of cake. We'll go over this in a moment.

But first, let's see if your theme supports sections. You can see if your theme support sections by visiting your Shopify Admin Themes section and then clicking on the Customize Theme button shown here:

If you see a Sections tab in the upper left then you are in luck. This means your store supports sections. You can see an example of the sections tab here:

Clicking the Add Section button will bring up the sections chooser as seen here:

The actual sections available here will vary by theme. Most themes that support sections should also support featuring a collection of products on your homepage. In this case, I am showing the Minimal theme section options.

Clicking on the Add button for the Featured Collection takes you the featured collection options shown here:

You can feature any theme in your Shopify store, choose the number of products you'd like to show, and customize the way these featured products are shown. In this case, I chose to feature the top 3 products of my Best Sellers collection

Now my top 3 best sellers will be available on my homepage, and kept up-to-date based on my Best Sellers collection, going forward.

You can even add multiple featured collections, such as for promoting on sale items, by repeating this process for each additional collection.

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Shopify sections provide a powerful way to customize your store's homepage without needing to know anything about website development.

Sections are a nice, easy way to feature collections, such as Best Sellers or On Sale, so you can put these products front and center on your Shopify homepage.

Since sections are relatively new, your theme may not support them. If your theme does not support sections, check back next week where I'll show you how you can manually feature a collection of products in your Shopify store.