How Lulu Frost uses Flair product badges

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created May 09 2018
How Lulu Frost uses Flair product badges

I recently spoke with Naowna Simon about how Lulu Frost uses Flair for Shopify to add product badges in their Shopify store.

Lulu Frost chose Flair to help in a recent jewelry sample sale within their shop.

About Lulu Frost

Lulu Frost is a jewelry brand founded in NYC in 2004 by designer Lisa Salzer-Wiles.

We are known for statement making styles that blend antique and modern design elements. We have several lines including our core line of designer costume jewelry, two demi-fine jewelry lines - CODE Fine and Zodiacs, our unisex line George Frost, and also remade vintage. — Naowna Simon, Managing Director, LuLu Frost

Why Lulu Frost chose Flair

Lulu Frost found Flair when they were looking for a way to help promote an upcoming jewelry sample sale. Here is why they chose Flair to help promote their sale:

Flair had the clean modern look, ease of use, and countdown functionality that we were looking for and at by far the best price. Plus customer service is amazing!

The key feature Lulu Frost was looking for was the ability to show current inventory values for limited availability products. Flair also made it easy to customize these badges to match the look and feel present on the Lulu Frost shop. Naowna went on to add:

Flair offers all the flexibility we need and is very simple to set up. We saw no slow down to the site nor did we run into any bugs.

How Lulu Frost used Flair to promote scarcity and increase sales

Lulu Frost recently ran a sample sale on their store and used Flair to make this promotion even more successful.

We used Flair for inventory countdown which worked perfectly and truly drove a increase in sales during our promotion.

Flair product badges were used to promote scarcity during the sample sale.

The inventory quantity remaining was displayed using a product badge for items that had limited inventory left.

Lulu Frost displayed these remaining inventory badges prominently throughout their shop.

Promoting the scarcity of limited availability items helps increase conversions since shoppers are more likely to buy now for fear of missing out. This lead to a more successful sale for Lulu Frost.

Increase sales by up to 175% with product badges

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