Wokiee + Flair Shopify theme guide

By: p-themes
We've put together this guide for setting up Flair in the Wokiee Shopify theme by p-themes. This page includes instructions for setting up Flair badges (aka labels or stickers) and Flair banners.

How to edit your theme

  • Visit Shopify Admin > Themes and click Actions > Edit code.

Install Flair product badges

On product pages

Edit snippets/product_page_1_description.liquid:

<h1 class="tt-title" itemprop="name">{{ product.title }}</h1>
<div data-flair-product-badge data-product-id={{ product.id }}></div>

And add line 2.

On collection pages

Edit snippets/product-grid-item-design-1.liquid:

<h2 class="tt-title prod-thumb-title-color">
<a href="{{ product.url | within: collection }}">
{%- if settings.truncate_product_title -%}
{{ product.title | strip_html | truncatewords: settings.truncate_product_title_w, settings.truncate_product_title_s }}
{%- else -%}
{{ product.title }}
{%- endif -%}
<div data-flair-product-badge data-product-id={{ product.id }}></div>

And add line 10.

Install Flair banners

Edit layout/theme.liquid:

<div data-flair-banner></div>

And add line 2.

Additional Resources