Taste by Shopify

Here are the instructions to install Flair on the Taste theme made by Shopify.

How to edit your theme

  • Visit Shopify Admin > Themes and click Actions > Edit code.

Install Flair product badges

On product pages

Edit sections/main-product.liquid:

{%- when 'title' -%}
<h1 class="product__title" {{ block.shopify_attributes }}>
{{ product.title | escape }}
<div data-flair-product-badge data-product-id={{ product.id }}></div>

And add line 5.

On collection pages

Edit snippets/card-product.liquid:

<h3 class="card__heading{% if card_product.featured_media or settings.card_style == 'standard' %} h5{% endif %}">
<a href="{{ card_product.url }}" class="full-unstyled-link">
{{ card_product.title | escape }}
<div data-flair-product-badge data-product-id={{ card_product.id }}></div>

And add line 6.

Install Flair banners

Edit layout/theme.liquid:

<div data-flair-banner></div>

And add line 2.

Additional Resources