Envy + Flair Shopify theme guide

By: Eight
We've put together this guide for setting up Flair in the Envy Shopify theme by Eight. This page includes instructions for setting up Flair badges (aka labels or stickers) and Flair banners.

How to edit your theme

  • Visit Shopify Admin > Themes and click Actions > Edit code.

Install Flair product badges

On product pages

Edit sections/template--product.liquid:

<h1 class="custom-font product-description-header{% if settings.show_reviews %} reviews-enabled{% endif %}">{{ product.title }}</h1>
<div data-flair-product-badge data-product-id={{ product.id }}></div>

And add line 2.

On older versions edit sections/product-template.liquid

On collection pages

Edit snippets/product-grid--indiv-product.liquid:

<span class="indiv-product-title-text">{{ liquidObject.title }}</span>
<div data-flair-product-badge data-product-id={{ liquidObject.id }}></div>

And add line 2.

On older versions edit sections/collection-template.liquid or sections/collection.liquid and use the following Flair snippet:

<div data-flair-product-badge data-product-id={{ product.id }}></div>

Install Flair banners

Edit layout/theme.liquid:

<div data-flair-banner></div>

And add line 2.

Additional Resources