8 Black Friday / Cyber Monday Promotion Ideas

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updated Oct 30, 2018
8 Black Friday / Cyber Monday Promotion Ideas

As an e-commerce merchant, the Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend could be your biggest sales opportunity of the year. Failing to seize the day might make a big impact on your overall sales for the year.

This Thanksgiving weekend shoppers are prepared to open their wallets to the tune of billions of dollars. With advance planning, your e-commerce store can get a bigger slice of these holiday spending dollars.

Today’s post contains 8 promotion ideas you can use this Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend in your e-commerce site. These ideas should help you make the most out of this big holiday shopping weekend so you can finish the year strong.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and E-commerce

Not that long ago, online shopping had its own separate big shopping day known as ‘Cyber Monday’. Back then Black Friday was mainly for the physical retail stores. Online shoppers had to wait until the following Monday to shop for deals online while at work.

In recent years things have changed. For starters, sales and deals typically span the entire Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend. In addition, shoppers have come to expect the same great deals online as they would find inside the retail stores.

The words ‘Black Friday’ inspire different reactions in people. Some love it and celebrate like it’s a national holiday. In contrast, Black Friday haters try to avoid it like the plague. They have mental images of waking up at 3:30 a.m. to fight over HDTVs at big-box retailers.

That’s where e-commerce really shines. Shopping online offers people a convenient, stress-free alternative. There’s no need to get out of bed in the middle of the night (or at all). With e-commerce, people can shop while wearing their pajamas from the comfort of their own home. No camping out in front of a store, fighting crowds, or wrestling with fellow shoppers is required.

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Promotion Ideas

Some Black Friday lovers plan their Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) shopping weeks in advance. In fact, right now, some shoppers are already strategizing. Now is the time to decide which great deals you’ll offer to boost your site’s Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales.

The Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend is typically the largest grossing weekend for online stores. To help you make the most out of this, we’ve put together a list of 8 ways for you to promote Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and boost your sales.

1. Design a Black Friday Landing Page

A little preparation goes a long way. Weeks before Black Friday, use special landing page messages to prepare shoppers for Black Friday/ Cyber Monday deals. Use messages like Black Friday is coming! or Don’t Miss Our Black Friday Deals!

By creating a special Black Friday landing page, your store will show up in searches whenever shoppers look for your upcoming Black Friday promotions. Currently, a search for ‘Target Black Friday’ brings up the page below. It tells shoppers when their 2018 Black Friday sale begins and also invites them to sign up for exclusive promotions.

Or you could do something even simpler like Wal-Mart’s Black Friday landing page:

Either way, try something similar with your landing page this year.

2. Social Media Promotions

Your social media followers already like you and your products. You can use your social media channels now to get your store on their radar and prepare them for your sale. In the weeks leading up to Black Friday, entice them by previewing your upcoming deals. Or, simply give people a shopping link to your deals.

Also, if you’re looking to add social media followers and subscribers, this could be the perfect opportunity. Encourage people to subscribe with simple messages like Sign up for Black Friday Deals. You could also offer Black Friday discount codes that produce sales while boosting your following.

VIP Promotions

People want to feel like VIPs. You can do this by offering special Black Friday discounts to social media followers. In the example below, the merchant offers a VIP promo code for a password-accessible sale. After a certain amount of time, the Black Friday sale opens to everyone.

3. Black Friday Bundles

Regardless of your products, discounts on combined items are an effective sales booster. Especially on Black Friday when people are primed for deals. Here are a few bundle and upsell formulas for Black Friday promotions:

  • Buy X, Get Y Free
  • Buy X, Get Y ½ Off
  • Buy X & Y, Get Z Free

Basically, you put certain products on sale for Black Friday. However, customers must purchase in a bundle to get the deals. Bundling multiple items can then boost overall sales and move merchandise. With tactics like this, you spur people to buy more than one item and increase your average-over-value (AOV).

Camera retailer FocusCamera.com sells the Canon T6 EOS Rebel DSLR Camera by itself (Core — $449). However, it also offers two bundles. Yet for only $100 more, Bundle 1 includes the camera and all of these accessories.

4. Doorbusters

Another common Black Friday/ Cyber Monday promotion is Doorbusters. Traditional brick and mortar retail stores offer these to the first people through the doors to drive foot traffic. However, e-commerce merchants can also use doorbusters to drive traffic. Like traditional doorbusters, yours must be fantastic enough to drive people to your site. At the same time, the products won’t last long. So shoppers need to visit your site early.

Thankfully, they won’t need to sleep in front of a store! Ideally, you do want them camped out in front of their devices to get your doorbusters. Overall, the goal is building a steady stream of visitors who will beat down your virtual doors. Combined with timed sales (below) you can keep the crowds flowing to your site all day.

5. Free Gifts

The power of ‘free’ shouldn’t be overestimated. For your Black Friday promotion, you could advertise free gifts with every purchase. Or, you can offer free gifts for purchases over a certain amount. In the example below, BodyBuilding.com sends a free gift if someone spends over $75 on the site. They even get to choose from one of three different free items.

For your site, the free gifts could be items you already offer, but that are related to the purchase. If you sell cosmetics, you can offer a free brush. If you sell clothing, you can offer free accessories. Or the free gifts could be small, inexpensive items that you use specifically for Black Friday giveaways.

6. Black Friday Product Badges

To make your Black Friday sale even more successful you should make it easy for shoppers to see which products are included in the sale. You can use well-placed product badges like the ones shown here to make it easy for shoppers to find your Black Friday sale items.

Making your sale items easier to find makes them easier to buy. You can also use product badges to highlight scarcity (i.e. — “Only 3 left”) and urgency (i.e. — “Sale Ends Today”) to make even more sales. For more ideas on product labels, check out our Ultimate Guide to Product Badges.

7. Timed Sales

You can also use timed sales on Black Friday / Cyber Monday.  One way to do this is by dividing up the weekend into daily sales. Each day, you can offer different sales or promotions.

Offering different sales at different times can keep a steady flow of shoppers coming back to your store throughout the weekend to get the new sale items. These timed sales also create a sense of urgency which can lead to more sales since shoppers will be more likely to buy before they miss out on the deal.

NewEgg offers good examples of timed sales. Each promoted item is only on sale for a limited time. No matter the products you sell, the important thing is highlighting specific promotions each day and showing the time limit for each item.

8. Use a Countdown Timer

Creating urgency by putting a time limit on deals is a great way to boost sales. As a reminder that your Black Friday deals will only last one day (or possibly for the weekend), use a Countdown Timer.

Pairing a timer with a sale item provokes a shopper’s sense of scarcity and urgency. A timer gives a tangible reminder to either buy or miss out on the deal. Seeing the timer counting down, they know the sale won’t last. In addition, you could also pair a simple product badge with a message like Black Friday Only with a countdown.

Use Black Friday and Cyber Monday to Maximize Your Sales

Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend is typically the biggest shopping weekend of the entire year for most e-commerce stores. Consumers will be spending billions of dollars on Black Friday / Cyber Monday.

Many shoppers prefer to shop from the comfort of their own home on Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend. That means more opportunity for your e-commerce store to land their holiday shopping sales.

Now is the time for you to prepare your store to get a piece of this holiday sales pie. Try using some of the ideas we’ve shared so you can make the most out of this Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend.

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