Variant metafield conditions and dynamic text

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created Sep 26 2023

Now you can customize your Flair promotions even more with Shopify variant metafields.

Flair supports two options for working with variant metafields:

Variant metafields are only available on the product page for the main product.

Variant metafield dynamic text

You can use Flair variant metafield dynamic text to display custom product badge promotions and information.

For example, you can use dynamic text to add custom shipping information based on a variant metafield value like so:

Flair variant metafield dynamic text

This will dynamically show the value of the variant metafield custom.shipping so you can communicate fast shipping and shipping delays to your customers like so:

Ships Immediately
Ships in 1-2 weeks

You can read more about Flair variant metafield dynamic text in our help center.

Variant metafield conditions

You can also use variant metafields as conditions for your Flair badge and banner promotions.

Here's an example condition to show a Flair badge if the variant metafield custom.shipping exists:

Flair variant metafield condition

You can also set conditions based on if a variant metafield value is equal to or not equal to a specific value (case-sensitive).

Check out the Badge metafield condition and Banner metafield condition help center articles for more information.