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Best Sellers Uninstall Guide

1 min read
updated Mar 05, 2020

Best Sellers collection sorting

If Best Sellers is sorting any of your collections, you’ll want to change them back to have Shopify sort them instead.

Go to Promotions > Collections > Manage Collections, and you can select all collections sorted by Best Sellers and change them to Sort by Shopify best selling.

This could take a while to complete depending on how many collections. To be safe you can either wait a day after changing this OR just manually check your collections in Shopify to make sure they are all set to sort “By best selling”.

Best Sellers snippets

If you are using the Top Rank Badge or Top Rank List snippets, you’ll want to remove them as well since they will not longer be updated.

You can just remove the Best Sellers snippet includes from your theme:

Top Rank Badge snippet

  {% include 'bsi-top-rank-badge' %}

Top Rank List snippet

  {% include 'bsi-top-rank-list' %}

And that’s it. You should be able to safely uninstall Best Sellers after making these changes.