Flair multi-promotion controls, filters and sorting updates

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created Apr 21 2022

I'm excited to share the latest round of Flair updates with you. Here's a summary of the updates included in this release:

These updates are live now so you can use them in your Flair promotions today.

Multi-Promotion Controls

Flair badges and banners can now be organized and promoted based on how you want to use them. Show your sale and promotional badges/banners in one part of your page layout, and your shipping-related badges/banners elsewhere.

You can organize your Flair badges and banners with tags and then promote them in different sections of your shop:

These advanced layout controls enable you to run specific promotions, maximizing the impact of your merchandising and sales efforts, automatically.

You can try out the multi-promotion feature by following these steps:

NOTE: The multi-promotion layout controls are available on the Flair Boost and Flair Grow plans. You can upgrade your Flair plan at anytime under Flair > Settings to try them out.

Badge and Banner Filters

The Flair dashboard now supports badge and banner filtering.

You can filter your badges and banners by:

  • Search - Search badge or banner text
  • Tag - Search by one or more Flair badge or banner tags
  • Layout - Show the badges or banners that will be shown in a given layout such as for multi-promotions.

This should make it easier to organize and find your badge and banner promotions.

Sorting Upgrade

The Flair dashboard now supports an upgraded sorting interface.

You can organize your badges and banners so the most important promotions are shown first.

The new sort interface was designed to work better with Flair customers that have a larger number of Flair badges and banners.

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