Flair Online Store 2.0 release

1 min read
created Feb 28 2022

We just released the new Flair Online Store 2.0 version, so you can take advantage of all of Shopify's Online Store 2.0 features within your theme.

While Flair has always worked with any Shopify theme, with this release you can now customize your Flair badge and banner setup without touching any code.

Flair includes support for three OS 2.0 features:

  • Flair app embed - enable Flair within your theme.
  • Flair product badge block - add Flair product badges to your product pages.
  • Flair banners block - add Flair banners throughout your store.

You can check out this demo video to see these in action:

Who should upgrade?

You should plan on upgrading to the Flair app embed whenever you get a chance. All current features should continue to work just fine with existing setups, but the Flair app embed will be needed to take advantage of future Flair updates.

For the Flair product badges and banners, if you are happy with your current setup, then no other change is necessary.

To upgrade to the new Flair app embed:

Try out it out

You can follow our updated Flair install guide to try out the latest Flair OS 2.0 features.

Check it out and then let us know what you think.