Flair countdown banners, banner styles, and customizations

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created Feb 17 2021

I'm excited to share the latest round of Flair updates for you to check out.

This release includes the following highlights:

Countdown Banners

You can add a countdown timer to any Flair banner to add some urgency and boost your sales.

The countdown timer can be added anywhere within your banner content. And you can customize the countdown text and styles to match your preferences.

To learn more about Flair countdown banners, check out the Banner settings doc.

Flair banners received a few new styling updates so you can make your banners look just right.

Button / Countdown variations

The banner style selector includes some new options:

  • button / dark
  • button / light
  • countdown / dark
  • countdown / light

You can apply new styles to any new or existing banners by clicking the choose style button:


Flair banners now include a new setting called Justify which you can use to specify how the banner content is laid out.

Justify center

Justify center will place the banner content in the center of the banner.

If the content doesn't fit on one line, it will wrap like so:

Justify between

Justify between will place the banner content to the edges of the banner.

If the content doesn't fit, it will wrap like so:

On mobile screens, the button will also wrap:

When using Justify between, you may also want to use the Max Width (inside) setting so your banner content will not be spaced too far apart on wider screens.

Flair Customizations

JavaScript API

Flair was designed to run 100% within your Shopify theme to take advantage of the Shopify ecosystem and not slow down your shop.

However, if you were using a theme or app that uses JavaScript to display product info, it may not have been possible to load in the Flair badges.

Now you can use Flair in any situation in your shop by using the new Flair JavaScript API.

Check out the Flair JavaScript API docs to learn more.


We've launched a new Flair Integrations directory to make it easy to connect Flair to other Shopify apps you may be using in your store.

The initial launch of the integrations directory includes the following three apps:

  • Boost Product Filter & Search
  • Findify Search & Personalize
  • Smart Product Filter & Search

There are many more integrations to come.

If you have a suggestion for an integration, please let us know.

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