Flair galleries, styles and banner improvements

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created Jun 18 2020

A new Flair release just launched which includes more tools to help you run promotions in your store.

Here's a summary of what's included in this release:

  • Badge and Banner Galleries
  • Badge and Banner Styles
  • Banner Buttons
  • Banner Rounded Corners

Continue reading below for the full details.

Badge and Banner Galleries

A common question I am often asked goes something like this:

What promotion ideas do you recommend I try in my store?

The new Flair badge and banner galleries are the answer.

You can use the Flair badge and banner galleries to get inspiration for lots of different promotions you can try in your store.

There are 26 badge ideas and 17 banner ideas to choose from.

Here are a few badge examples from the gallery:

And here are a few banner examples:

You can see the full gallery inside of Flair by clicking on the Badge Gallery or Banner Gallery button at the top of the corresponding section within Flair.

Once you find an idea in the gallery you'd like to try, you can click the Choose button to start customizing the colors and style.

Hopefully the Flair badge and banner galleries should give you some new ideas to try and get your products selling faster.

Badge and Banner Styles

This releasea also includes a hand-picked selection of badge and banner style combinations. These combinations should make it easy to make a great looking badge or banner with minimal effort.

You can choose from many different badge colors and styles:

And likewise, you can choose the perfect look and feel for your banners:

All color combination were chosen for maximum readability and pass the recommended contrast ratios.

And best of all, you can even apply these styles to your existing badges and banners by clicking the Choose Style button when modifying your badges or banners.

Banners now include an optional Button (also known as a "call to action").

You can use a button to make it clear a banner is clickable:

Or you can use the button to highlight other info such as a sale discount code:

You can now optionally add rounded corners to your banners:

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