Display Flair badges by product, collection and multiple tags

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created Nov 19 2018

Today I'm happy to share the latest Flair update just in time for your Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales.

This update features additional rule types to make it even easier for you to add Flair badges to promote products in your Shopify store.

Included in this update are two new Flair display rules for displaying badges by product and collection. In addition, this update includes an enhancement to the product tag rule to allow for selecting multiple tags.

Display badges by product

One of the most requested features for Flair has been to support selecting individual products for showing badges. Prior to this update, you would have to add a product tag to a product and then use a Flair product tag badge. Now you can use the new `Product` display rule to select one or more products to show the Flair badge.

The `Product` display rule will let you select one or more products, and then Flair will show the badge for any products in the list. You can also combine `Product` rules with any of the other Flair rules to make this even more targeted.

Display badges by collection

You can use the new `Collection` display rule to display Flair badges based on product collections. This means you can leverage the power of Shopify collections with Flair to promote your products.

The `Collection` display rule can be used to select one or more collections, and then Flair will show badges if a product is in any of them. This too can be combined with any other Flair rule types to give you complete flexibility on how you display your badges.

Display badges by tags

Flair has had support for displaying badges by product tag since the start. However, if you wanted to show a badge based on multiple product tags you had to create multiple separate rules, one for each product tag. With this update, you can select multiple product tags in a single display rule.

When you select multiple product tags, Flair will show the badge for products that have any of the tags in the list. In addition, Flair product tag rules now support case-insensitive tags.

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With this update, you now have even more options for showing your Flair badges exactly the way you want them.  You can show badges based on products, collections or multiple product tags. This should make it even easier for you to promote the right products at the right time and finish your year strong.