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created Apr 11 2018

I'm pleased to announce the latest release of Flair product badges which includes support for dynamic badge product text.

So what exactly is dynamic product badge text?

This question may be best answered with a real-world example. Naowna recently emailed me about using Flair product badges to help promote an upcoming sale for her shop:

We are looking for a badge that can call out the stock remaining for an upcoming sample sale. Can you badges show units available in stock - in real time?

Up until this release, it was not possible to show the real-time inventory counts. The closest option would have been to use something more general like a Limited Quantity or Almost Gone badge.

With this latest Flair update, you can dynamically add the real product inventory to your product badges like so: Hurry only 3 left!

Showing the actual inventory available is much more compelling. This number will be updated as orders are made in your shop so customers can see the item is selling. This should make it easy to add a bit of social proof and urgency to your sales.

In today's post, I'd like to share with you what you can do with new dynamic badge text support included in this release of Flair. We'll discuss:

  • Dynamic badges based on available inventory
  • Dynamic badges based on sale price
  • Dynamic badges based on price

Dynamic badges based on available inventory

You can now include the real-time available inventory quantity as part of your product badge text. This is a great way to increase urgency for products that are about to sell out.

Here is an example of what you can do with the dynamic inventory badge text:

Dynamic badges based on sale price

You can include the actual savings, either as a percent or a dollar amount, for each of your products. This makes it more clear exactly how great of a deal your customers are getting on your sale items.

Here is an example product badge showing the sale price as a percent:

And here is an example product badge showing the sale price as a dollar amount:

You can choose whether to show the minimum or maximum savings.

Dynamic badges based on price

You can include the product's price as part of your badge text. Showing the price works well for things like add on items such as to qualify for free shipping promotions.

Here is an example of an Add On badge which includes the product's price:


Using dynamic product badge text in your Flair product badges can make both your product badges and your sales even more effective.

You can add the following types of dynamic badge text:

  • Dynamic inventory values
  • Dynamic sale prices (both percentage and dollar amount)
  • Dynamic prices

If you are a Flair customer, you get this update completely for free.

If you are not a Flair customer, you can sign up to try Flair for free below.

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