Best Seller Insights update - custom sales period, product tagging and more

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created Nov 03 2016

I just released a new version of Best Seller Insights that I am excited to share with you.

Here are the highlights of the updates included in this release:

  • Complete refresh of the settings section
  • Configurable best seller sales period
  • Updated best seller reports
  • Auto tagging of best and worst selling products
  • Enhanced collection sort by best selling

Complete refresh of the settings section


The settings section for Best Seller Insights has been completely refreshed. All settings are now available in one place to make it easier to setup Best Seller Insights for your store.

Also, each settings section includes a Learn more about... link like this one that includes a more detailed explanation about how things work:


Configurable best seller sales period


You can now set a custom sales period ranging from 1 to 12 weeks which will be used to calculate your Shopify store's best sellers.

If your store sells seasonal items, this configurable sales period can be used for example to stop promoting Halloween items in November, or Christmas items in January.

Updated best seller reports


The best seller reports includes new filters so you can view your store's best sellers for the past 1-12 weeks.

You can use this report to see your best sellers before changing your sales period. This will allow you to know exactly which items rank best for your store.

In addition, every product in the report now includes the sales percentile which is used as part of the auto-tagging of best and worst sellers.

Auto tagging of best and worst selling products


This update includes support for automatically tagging your best and worst selling products in your store. You can configure which products to tag based on the sales percentile, and then specify the corresponding tag to use.

These tagged products can then be used to create Smart Shopify collections so you can focus your product marketing more effectively for your best and worst sellers.

Enhanced collection sort by best selling


Best Seller Insights includes an enhanced collection sort by best selling that can be used in place of Shopify's By best selling sort.

This enhanced collection sort will keep your collections sorted using the same recent sales data tracked by Best Seller Insights, rather than Shopify's all-time best sellers.

This update simplifies the way enhanced best selling sorting is configured.

Now you can configure the enhanced sort as a drop-in replacement of Shopify's By best selling sort in one place for all of your collections that promote best sellers.

Increase sales by up to 175% with product badges

  • Use product labels to help products sell faster.
  • Highlight best sellers, new arrivals, almost gone, and more.

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That covers all of the major updates for Best Seller Insights.

Check out these new features and let me know what you think.

If you have any questions or comments, let me know and I'd be happy to help.