Flair Update - Multiple Rule Support

August 7, 2018 Flair Update - Multiple Rule Support

Flair product badges have always let you configure a Shopify product badge to show automatically based on a rule. For example, you could show a product badge for products based on:

  • Create date
  • Sale price
  • Inventory levels
  • Product tag

But if you wanted to show a badge for products that were both on sale and in stock? Since this required multiple badge rules you were out of luck.

Until now.

With this latest Flair update, I’m pleased to announce support for showing your Shopify product badges based on multiple rules.

Flair multiple rules

Now you can easily show badges based on your exact specifications. For example, you can display badges for products that are on sale, in stock and have a specific product tag. You can also choose to show badges only if all of these rules match, or if any of these rules match, for maximum flexibility.

The Flair multiple badge rule support should give you the tools you need to promote your products at the right place and time to help you maximize you sales.

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