Flair scheduling, unpublishing and copying

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updated May 14, 2020

A shiny new Flair release is here and I am excited to share the details with you.

This release includes the following new features to help you manage your Shopify promotions more easily:

  • Scheduling
  • Unpublishing
  • Copying


The ability to schedule badges and banners has been one of the most requested features.

Now you can schedule your Flair badges and banners so they show automatically at the right time. You can even optionally set an end time to remove your promotions.

Gone are the days of having to stay up until midnight to push a button to launch your sale.

Badges and banners that are scheduled to publish in the future will show a clock icon within Flair:

And badges and banners that will unpublish in the future will show an hourglass icon:

Scheduling your badges and banners should hopefully give you back some precious time to focus on other things for you and your store.

NOTE: Scheduling is available on the Flair Growth and Premium plans


This release also features support to unpublish your Flair badges and banners.

This means you can keep a library of badges and banners that you pull from throughout the year. This should save you the hassle of having to recreate your seasonal promotions over and over.


Flair also includes support for copying from your existing badges and banners. Now you can easily match your existing badge and banner styles and conditions in just one click.

Just click Copy in the menu for the badge or banner you want to copy and you’ll be able to work with a copy that matches perfectly.

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