Best Sellers Update: A New Look

March 11, 2019 Best Sellers Update: A New Look

I’m pleased to share with you the latest release of Best Sellers. This update includes a completely new look for Best Sellers.

Every section of the app was redesigned from the ground up. The end result should be an even easier experience for promoting and gaining insights on your best selling products to help your store succeed.

Continue reading below for highlights of what’s included in this release.

Overview Reports

Overview header

Best Sellers includes a new Overview section to make it easy to see how your products are performing at a glance.

The Overview section contains four reports outlined below.

Percentile Summary

Percentile summary

The Percentile Summary report makes it easy to see how each group of your products, broken down to the nearest 10th percentile, performs in terms of gross sales and units sold.

Percentile Contributions

Percentile contributions

The Percentile Contributions report makes it easy to compare the contribution each percentile group makes in both gross sales and units sold relative to the overall totals for your shop.

Sales Trends

Sales trends

The Sales Trends reports makes it easy to see the breakdown of gross sales and units sold for each week. The number of weeks shown matches your configured best sellers sales period.

Top 10 Products


The Top 10 products shows the top ranked products based on your configured best sellers sales period.

Promotions Section

Promotions header

The new Promotions tab includes all of the tools you can use to promote your best sellers. This Promotions tab contains the following sections:

Badges & Lists


The Badges & Lists promotion section is where you’ll find the Top Rank Badge and Top Rank List which you can use for on site promotion of your best sellers.


The Collections promotion section contains tools for promoting your Shopify products within their collections.

You can select any of your Shopify collections and choose to sort them by Best Sellers using the configured best seller sales period.

You can also choose to exclude any of your collections from Best Sellers promotions such as Badges & Lists.

Collection manage

A note for existing customers

The way Best Sellers sorting is enabled for your collections has changed from the previous version.

In the past, Best Sellers sorting acted as a drop-in replacement for Shopify’s best selling sort. This meant if you enabled Best Sellers sorting, you had to enable it for every one of your collections that were set to sort by Shopify’s best selling.

Now you have more explicit control of which collections you’d like to sort. You can enable or disable sorting for any of your collections at any time.

Product Tags

Product tags

The Product Tags promotion section contains options to tag your best and worst selling products based on percentile.

Product Ads - NEW

Product ads

The Product Ads promotion section is new in this release. You can use Best Sellers data such as sales rank and percentile as part of your product ad strategy to focus on your best sellers.

The Product Ads section contains information about where Best Sellers stores product sales rank and percentile information within Shopify.

You can then use this data as part of your product ad strategy to focus on your best selling products and maximize your product ad budget.


Product sales report

The Reports section contains the Product Sales report which can be used to drill down into your product sales. This report highlights how your products are performing including their overall sales rank and their sales percentile.

Make your best selling products sell even better
Best Sellers puts your best products front and center so they sell even better which means more money in your pocket.


This release of Best Sellers includes a completely new design in an effort to make it even easier to promote and gain insights on your best selling products. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact me via this link.