The top 5 places to show product badges in your Shopify store

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updated Nov 15, 2017
The top 5 places to show product badges in your Shopify store

The busy holiday shopping season is almost here. And there is no time like the present to make sure your Shopify store is ready to go to make the most out of it.

One thing you can do to make your promotions even more successful is to add product badges to your Shopify store.

Why is this?

Product badges let you highlight the best features of products so they are more likely to sell.

If a product is almost out of stock, you can use a product badge to highlight scarcity which can lead to more sales.

If your product is on sale, you can use product badges to let your shoppers know what a great deal they are being offered.

If your product is a best seller, you can use a product badge to capture more sales based on social proof.

OK, so product badges sound good. But the next question I am often asked is:

Where should I add product badges within my Shopify store?

In today’s post, I’d like to share the top 5 places to add product badges to your Shopify store.

This will include:

  • The front page
  • Product pages
  • Collection pages
  • Product search results
  • The shopping cart

The front page

The Shopify front page is one of the most visible sections of your Shopify store.

Often the front page is going to be your customers first interaction with what you have to offer.

That makes the front page of your Shopify store a great place to make sure you are showcasing your best product offers by using product badges.

You can see some product badges in action on my Flair demo store front page here using the Shopify Minimal theme:

Collection pages

Shopify collections are great for organizing products into categories.

But often the best products can be hard to find in the sea of other products on the collection page.

Product badges on collections pages can help make your best products stand out from the crowd so they are more likely to be discovered, and therefore bought.

Here is an example collection page which uses product badges:

Product pages

The product page is where you can put more detailed information about your product.

Your customers will typically make a decision on whether to add the product to their cart based on the information presented on this page.

That makes the product page a great place to highlight this product’s best features by using product badges.

Here is an example product badge which highlights this product is best seller:

Product search results

The Shopify product search results shows a list of products that match a search term the customer searched for.

Product search results are similar in nature to the Shopify collection pages, with the distinction that search results usually display a more varied list of products.

Product search result pages can benefit from product badges to help products stand out based on their best feature.

Here is an example of a product search results page showing product badges:

The shopping cart

The Shopify shopping cart page is the last stop before your customer completes the checkout and buys your products.

As a result, this makes the shopping cart page a great place to remind the customer of the best features of the items in their cart.

Here is an example shopping cart which reminds the customer this item is 20% Off to help convert the sale:

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In today’s post, we discussed the top 5 places to add product badges to your Shopify store.

Adding product badges to your Shopify store can be a great way to make your ongoing sales and promotions perform even better.

Product badges make it easy for your customers to see the best features of your products at a glance.

This should help your products sell even better during this upcoming holiday season and all year long.

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