Best Seller Insights update – custom sales period, product tagging and more

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I just released a new version of Best Seller Insights that I am excited to share with you. Here are the highlights of the updates included in this release: Complete refresh of the settings section Configurable best seller sales period Updated best seller reports Auto tagging of best and worst selling products Enhanced collection sort by best selling The settings … Read More

Best Seller Insights Is Launched

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I’m pleased to announce my Shopify App, Best Seller Insights, is now officially launched! It’s been a long journey to get here, spanning just over 6 months. There have been many lessons learned along the way. To celebrate the launch, I’ve put together a 20% off sale for all Best Seller Insights plans. The sale ends June 25, 2016 at … Read More

5 Shopify App Onboarding Tips

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I’m excited to announce that I just submitted my Shopify app, Best Seller Insights, for final review! Once approved, my app will be listed in the Shopify app store here, without the ominous Shopify beta app warning. Over the past few weeks, in preparation for this, I’ve been focusing on making the initial install process as smooth as possible. This … Read More

Best Seller Insights is Published for Beta

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My new app, Best Seller Insights, is now approved and published for Beta testing in the Shopify app store. It has been an incredible journey these past few months building this app and learning the ins and outs of the Shopify app ecosystem. In this post, I’ll recap what the Shopify app store review process was like for Beta testing … Read More

Best Seller Insights – The Final Countdown

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The launch of my Best Seller Insights app is fast approaching. I am planning to submit my app for review to Shopify sometime next week. When I initially set out to build this app, I set an arbitrary deadline of 2 months, which would have been a launch date of March 1st. As you can see, I didn’t quite make … Read More

Storing Shopify App Data in Metafields

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When developing a Shopify app, it’s important to determine the best strategy for storing and retrieving app data within a theme. The decision of where to store a Shopify app’s data will influence the overall data management strategy for an app. In this post, I’ll give an overview of two common approaches for storing and retrieving Shopify app data within … Read More

Working With Shopify Data Using Postgres JSONB

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My focus this week is on the best way to store and manage data for my upcoming Best-Sellers Shopify app. Shopify uses JSON to transport data to and from the Shopify API. My go to database these days is Postgres, which also has some great tools for storing and working with JSON data. This means Shopify and Postgres effectively “speak … Read More

A Day in the Life of a Shopify Order

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This week’s post is all about what goes on behind-the-scenes when changes are made over the lifetime of a Shopify Order. The Shopify Order docs give a great overview of the types of operations that can be performed on a Shopify Order. However, for my upcoming Best Sellers Shopify app, I also need to understand how each of these changes … Read More

Using Shopify Collections To Organize Products

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In this week’s Building a Shopify App post, I’ll be covering Shopify Collections. Shopify Collections provide a way to organize and display products within a Shopify store. Shopify collections can also be used by Shopify Apps to manage and display groups of products. At the end of this post, I’ll outline how I plan to use Shopify Collections in my … Read More