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Getting a Shopify App Logo and Banner Design on Fiverr for $42

February 25, 2016 Getting a Shopify App Logo and Banner Design on Fiverr for $42

Shopify apps are showcased within the Shopify app store with either a logo, or banner, depending on the location within the store. As a result, the logo and banner are an important part for a Shopify app because it gives the first impression of your app to prospective buyers.

For my upcoming Best Seller Insights app, I decided to try using Fiverr for my initial logo and banner design. In this post, I outline my experiences of having a logo and banner design created on Fiverr.

#What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a website that provides a marketplace for producers (such as graphic designers) to sell services (a.k.a - gigs) to consumers. Everything on Fiverr has a starting price of $5, hence the name.

However, there are numerous upsells offered for most Fiverr gigs which typically brings the price above the $5 mark. For example, some common upsells include faster delivery time, or access to the source files for future modifications.

#Finding a designer on Fiverr

Based on my previous experience of using marketplace types of sites, I’ve found it is better to seek out a designer that I like, rather than have an open call for bids. So, I first searched on Fiverr for the term logo design, and then browsed through portfolios until I found a designer I liked.

I ended up choosing Sam, based on his excellent reviews and great looking portfolio of logos: https://www.fiverr.com/xpectom

#Requesting an order

Since I needed both a logo and a banner, I opted to use the Request a Custom Order gig:


Here is the initial requirements I sent as part of this request:

I am building a Shopify App called “Best Seller Insights” and I need icons and banners created. See attached for some example app icons and banners.

- Colors: Something that is appealing but also stands out. I am thinking a base of Blue or Orange, with 1-2 additional colors. - Format: .jpg, .png (whichever looks best) - No rounded corners, no white background - Icon should have a simple graphic that conveys “best sellers”. Perhaps a bar chart increasing from left to right, with some indication of movement. Need 120px x 120px, 60px x 60px, 16px x 16px. - Banners should have a heading: “Best Seller Insights” (no quotes), and sub-heading: “Easily promote your store’s best-selling products”. Sizes: 680px x 300px, 310px x 100px. - I’d like source files to modify if needed, such as changing the subheading text.

I also attached these Shopify app graphics examples.

I received a quote within 24 hours. The job would cost $42, would include editable PSD source files, and be complete within 4 days. Perfect.

#Logo first attempt

Four days later, just before the project was due, I received the following logo:


Sam said he’d work on the banner once we settled on the logo. That part makes sense. The logo on the other hand was a far cry from what I had in mind. So I sent the following request for revision:

Hi Sam,

I think this icon is too basic and doesn’t really convey upward movement like I requested.

Could you try something more like a bar chart such as this example.

However, i’d like you to match your style on this icon.

The chart can be 3 or 4 bars. I really like the personality your icon conveys in the bar chart I linked to above. I just want it to show an increasing movement from left to right to represent increasing sales.

Lastly - can you try a Blue background instead of Orange?

Thanks! Tom

#Logo second attempt

Almost 24 hours later I hadn’t heard back yet. At this point the project was supposed to be complete based on the Fiverr timeline so I started to get nervous. I decided to just chalk this up to a failed experiment, requested to cancel the gig, and started reaching out to a designer outside of Fiverr.

However, within a few minutes of the request to cancel, Sam reached out to me and asked for one more chance and said he’d have a revision within an hour. I agreed since I figured why not give this one more chance. As promised, Sam quickly came back with this revision:


This one was definitely much better than the first. However, it had a fatal flaw: it looks like a trash can.

I requested the following revisions:

This is definitely looking better. However, this looks too much like a trash can. Do you think you can make these edits?

- Increase the number of bars to five. Remove the arrow entirely. - Make the 2nd and 4th bar slight “dips” in growth. But everything is trending “up”. - Draw midpoints on the bars with lines connecting them. Here is an example of a line on top of a bar chart, but I’d like the line to be halfway through the bar chart like this example.

#Logo third attempt

Sam came back right away with this version:


Now we are getting somewhere. Sam cautioned me that 5 bars might not look great at the smaller size (the smallest logo size Shopify shows is 16px x 16px), and he was right. As a result, I asked for one final tweak to remove one bar:

I agree on the more bars may be too much… would you mind doing one small tweak to make it 4 bars to make them bigger.

To handle the up / down of each bar, can you change the ratio of bars so it goes:

4 8 6 10

So the first bar is 40% of the max, next is 80%, next is 60%, next is 100% (just roughly)

As you can see, I erred on the side of specificity for the bar heights.

#Logo final version

Here is the final version of the Best Seller Insights logo:


Overall I am very happy with how this turned out.

#The banner

Once the logo was finalized, Sam got to work on the banner. Here is his first attempt:


The banner looked really good overall. I only had a couple small complaints about it:

  • The subhead color was hard to read.
  • The chart graph at the top was a bit off; specifically the dots and possibly the height.

However, given the number of revisions Sam made on the logo, I decided to accept this banner as is and make the tweaks myself. Here is the banner after my tweaks:


Rather than try to redraw the graph, I decided to just hide it and insert the logo icon to the left. I also modified the subhead color, and left-aligned all the text.

#Lessons learned

Fiverr is definitely a viable place to get an initial logo and banner done for a Shopify app, or any app for that matter. I think one of the keys is choosing the right designer up front.

One of the mistakes I made was by not being specific enough with my initial request. I think attaching sample icons and linking to existing styles you like at the start may be a good idea.

One other mistake I made was to give up on this project too soon. I should have probably reached out to Sam again before canceling the job. I will definitely try to be a bit more patient on this front next time.

Overall I would call this project a success and I would definitely use Fiverr, and Sam in particular, again.