Social Media Tips for E-Commerce Store Owners

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As an e-commerce store owner, you may be asking yourself how much time and effort is worth investing in your social media strategy. If you don’t invest enough, you may be leaving an entire marketing channel untapped for future customers in profits. If you invest too much, then perhaps you will not reap the rewards of your labor and efforts. … Read More

Automate Your E-Commerce Store Using Zapier

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It’s an incredible time to be an e-commerce store owner. There are literally hundreds of different tools available to help you manage and run your store. You can use tools to help you with project management, accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), email marketing, and social media marketing. The list goes on and on. These tools provide a lot of power, … Read More

Using Custom Apps (Safely) To Enhance Your E-Commerce Store

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E-Commerce Apps

Custom Apps are a great way to add custom functionality to your e-commerce store above and beyond what is provided out of the box for your platform. If you are looking for some special feature, and your e-commerce store software doesn’t provide it, there are two primary ways to get an app: Marketplace Apps Custom Apps Marketplace Apps If you … Read More

Is Your E-Commerce Store Robot Friendly?

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Man and Robot High Five

You’ve setup your store with painstaking detail, crafted the perfect combination of product offerings, and made it as human-friendly as possible. But are you also making sure the search engine robots are happy? If you are not paying attention to the robots that crawl your store, it may cost you exposure to future shoppers (and therefore money). Have no fear, … Read More