Introducing Flair product badges for Shopify

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Over the past few weeks I’ve been putting the finishing touches on my new Shopify app: Flair product badges. I’m happy to report I just submitted Flair to the Shopify app store. Flair makes it easy to add product badges to help your Shopify store make more sales. How can Flair product badges help you make more sales? You see, … Read More

Using scarcity and urgency to get more Shopify sales

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This past weekend my wife and daughter went on a mission to try to find an elusive fidget spinner like the ones shown here: You see, fidget spinners are pretty hard to come by around here. As soon as a store gets them, they end up selling out almost immediately. Why are these fidget spinners so popular? I personally don’t … Read More

Best sellers in the wild – wine promotion

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My friend Matt (creator of the excellent timeline tool Preceden) sent me this picture he took of a wine display at a local wine merchant: I guess I talk about best sellers so much around here that my friends are starting to send me sightings of best sellers in the wild. In today’s post, we’ll discuss three different product promotion … Read More

How to feature collections on Shopify using Liquid

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Last week, we discussed how you can use sections to feature collections in your Shopify store. The section-based approach has its merits: it is simple to use and doesn’t require diving into any Liquid theme code. However, sections may not always be the best approach for featuring collections in your Shopify store. This week, I’d like to share with you … Read More

How to feature collections on Shopify by using sections

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This past weekend, my daughter (who’s in 2nd grade) brought a friend home from school to stay with us for the weekend. However, this was not your typical sleep over scenario. You see, each week, my daughter’s teacher rewards one student by letting them take home Ora, the stuffed owl featured here: This week my daughter was the lucky recipient. … Read More

Product recommendation ideas for your Shopify store

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Today, i’d like to share with you a few tips related to recommending products within your Shopify store. These are tips you can use right now to help your customers find the right product within your store. This topic was inspired by a recent experience I had when my in-laws came up to visit. My in-laws come up a few … Read More

How to create best selling lists in Shopify

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Ever since I was a kid, I’ve enjoyed reading. I always have at least one book going, typically in the science fiction or fantasy genres. I picked up my reading habit from my Mom, who is also an avid reader. She seems to always have her nose buried in a good book. Growing up, our house could have passed for … Read More

How to make your Shopify best sellers sell even better

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My daughter (who turns 8 this month) has always been into making crafts. Her most recent project involved creating slime by mixing together common household ingredients. Sounds easy enough right? However, it turns out one of these common ingredients is not so common any longer. You see, as we were collecting the ingredients before we started the project, we realized … Read More