Are your emojis conveying the right message?

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I’ve mentioned in the past how you can use emojis to promote your Shopify products. Well, I recently received an email from reader David with this follow-up question: Do the emojis look the same on every device ? This is a great question so I thought I’d share the answer here for others to benefit. The short answer is no … Read More

How PetSmart gets rid of seasonal items

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This past week I was out shopping at PetSmart for my dog Tebow seen here: As I was walking around the store, one thing became clear: PetSmart still had lots of seasonal items for sale — but the season was over. Since it was past Christmas, PetSmart was highly motivated to get these items off of their shelves. So how … Read More

A look back on Jeff Bezos and in 1999

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I’m taking some time off this week to celebrate Christmas and the end of the year with my family. As I write this I just finished watching my favorite version of Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carole – Scrooged. In Scrooged, it is Bill Murray playing the part of a modern day Mr. Scrooge who is shown the errors of his … Read More

How to hide your Shopify best sellers from your competitors

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As you may recall, a few months back I discussed how you can find the best selling products on any Shopify store. Finding the best sellers on other people’s Shopify store may sound great for doing competitive research. But what if you don’t want your competitors to be able to view your best selling Shopify products? Is there anything you … Read More

The rise and fall of the fidget spinner craze

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Last week I drove down to Florida with my wife and kids to celebrate Thanksgiving with our family and friends. Along the way, we ended up hitting one of those outlet malls you typically see along the side of the highway. While I was browsing through one of the shops, this particular display caught my eye: You see, not that … Read More

Are your Shopify apps slowing down your store?

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The end of this year should result in more traffic and sales for your Shopify store. In fact, most stores typically see more traffic at the end of the year than they do any other time of the year. But will the Shopify apps you’re using be able to handle the increased holiday rush this year? Shopify does an excellent … Read More