Keeping your Shopify store running smoothly

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I recently had a service technician over to fix our house phone system. Our phones had stopped working recently and just showed the message “Check tel line”. Unfortunately, this is not a new scenario for us. It seems like our phone will stop working every year or so and require a service visit to fix it. But this time the … Read More

Flair product badges explainer video

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Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been putting together a short video to explain what my Shopify app Flair product badges has to offer. This type of video is typically referred to as an explainer video. An explainer video is a great way to promote the value that Flair can offer Shopify merchants: Flair helps Shopify merchants increase conversions … Read More

How Lulu Frost uses Flair product badges

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I recently spoke with Naowna Simon about how Lulu Frost uses Flair product badges within their Shopify store. Lulu Frost chose Flair to help in a recent jewelry sample sale within their shop. About Lulu Frost Lulu Frost is a jewelry brand founded in NYC in 2004 by designer Lisa Salzer-Wiles. Why Lulu Frost chose Flair Lulu Frost found Flair … Read More

Why you should be promoting your Shopify best sellers

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One things for sure about every Shopify store, some products sell better than others. Some products are just more desirable than others in your store. Your best selling products will typically outperform your other products by an order of magnitude. Given this, it makes a lot of sense to focus your limited resources more heavily on your best selling products. … Read More

Flair update: Dynamic product badge text

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I’m pleased to announce the latest release of Flair product badges which includes support for dynamic badge product text. So what exactly is dynamic product badge text? This question may be best answered with a real-world example. Naowna recently emailed me about using Flair product badges to help promote an upcoming sale for her shop: We are looking for a … Read More

How to disable your built-in Shopify theme product badges

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Flair customer Sabryna recently wrote in to say: We would like something that grabs your attention more which is why we opted for your app :). I was wondering if we place the code allowing for the flair badges if it would replace the current blue [on sale product badge] circle? In this case, Sabryna was looking to replace her … Read More

Why you should be promoting your in stock Shopify products

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These days many online stores do not actually carry any stock for items they sell. With the rise in popularity of drop shipping, many merchants simply forward orders for items to third-party vendors for fulfillment. If your store carries items in stock, this can actually be considered a marketable feature. In stock items are much more desirable for customers and … Read More