Connecting a Shopify App to a Store

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This past week I’ve been researching the details of how to connect a Shopify App to a Shopify store. In particular, I was looking to answer the following questions: What happens when you install a Shopify App in a store? How are app permissions managed for a Shopify app? What does the shopify_app gem do? In this post, I’ll share … Read More

Getting Started Building A Shopify App

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Over the past week, I’ve been reading through all of the Shopify app docs to get a lay of the land for developing a public Shopify app. One thing has become clear: there is a lot of information to take in for building a Shopify app. The Shopify docs are very well done, but I often found myself getting off … Read More

I’m Building a Shopify App

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I’m building a Shopify app with the goal of launching this sometime in early 2016. I’m currently narrowing down the list of candidate app ideas (more to follow on this blog). Why you might find this interesting The making of this Shopify app may be interesting to you if you are any of the following: An aspiring app developer A … Read More

The Components Of A Good Product SKU

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The product SKU is one of the most useful and often overlooked components in setting up your store. It is at the heart of every Order and interaction with your product. This post will outline what a product SKU is, how it plays a part in your product’s lifecycle and a few tips for setting up a good product SKU … Read More

An Introduction To Product Data Feeds

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These days, a product typically no longer lives just within your e-commerce store. In addition to your e-commerce site, your products may be posted to a variety of places such as additional sales channels, product ads, affiliate sites, social networks, and more. These tactics allow you to extend your store’s reach and grow your customer base. So how do you … Read More

How I Use Automation To Manage Over 300,000 Products Across 5 Sites

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It all started back in 2008 with the launch of the t-shirt search engine At the time of the launch, Teenormous consisted of just under 15,000 t-shirts, offered by roughly a half-dozen merchants. Over the next few months, more tees and merchants were added to the site and the inventory quickly grew. As Teenormous started approaching 50,000 shirts, updating … Read More

Stripe Launches Relay For Mobile Commerce

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Stripe just announced the launch of Relay, a new tool to help e-commerce stores sell more via mobile devices. What is Stripe Relay? From their announcement: Today, mobile e-commerce websites aren’t working: Ten-step shopping carts, mandatory account signup, slow page loads. When we get linked to a shopping cart on our phone, we usually just give up. That shouldn’t be … Read More