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How Pro Stanchions uses Flair product badges

March 7, 2018 How Pro Stanchions uses Flair product badges

I recently chatted with Flair customer Justin about how he uses Flair product badges to help boost sales within his Shopify store Pro Stanchions.

Pro Stanchions is a leading distributor of Crowd Control equipment. They provide crowd control management equipment including stanchions (a.k.a. - posts), retractable belts, ropes and more.

#Flair Product badges won’t slow down your Shopify store

When searching for a product badge solution, Justin originally tried another Shopify app unsuccessfully.

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I actually implemented a competitor first that allows badges/images to be applied to products. It DRASTICALLY increased my store’s loading time so I deleted it within minutes. — Justin Schoen. Owner: Pro Stanchions

Then Justin found Flair.

Flair has had ZERO effect on page load times and that is key! And I’ve seen an uptick in sales since implementing Flair.

Flair was built from the ground up with speed in mind.

#Promoting free shipping with Flair product badges

Justin uses Free Shipping product badges to promote products that qualify for free shipping.

Free shipping can help increase conversions since many shoppers are motivated by this savings.

#Promoting product warranties with Flair product badges

Justin also uses Flair to promote products that qualify for Free Belt End Replacement.

If a retractable belt end breaks on one of these products, Pro Stanchions will ship out a free replacement immediately.

Product warranties like this are a great feature to highlight with product badges and can help increase conversions. Customers will know they can buy with confidence with the knowledge that this product will be replaced for free for life.

Boost your sales with Flair product badges
Flair product badges are designed to increase sales and conversions in your Shopify store by promoting urgency, scarcity, and social proof. You can use Flair to make more sales from your existing traffic — and stop losing sales immediately.