How PetSmart gets rid of seasonal items

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updated Jan 03, 2018
How PetSmart gets rid of seasonal items

This past week I was out shopping at PetSmart for my dog Tebow seen here:

As I was walking around the store, one thing became clear:

PetSmart still had lots of seasonal items for sale — but the season was over.

Since it was past Christmas, PetSmart was highly motivated to get these items off of their shelves.

So how do you get items to sell when they are not as desirable or past their prime?

In today’s post, I’d like to discuss some of the techniques PetSmart uses to get rid of their seasonal items after the season is over.

You can hopefully use some of these same techniques in your Shopify store to get your slow moving products selling faster.

Price your discount right to get your items to sell

The key to getting your seasonal items selling faster often lies in how you price your discount.

For popular items, you may be able to get away with a lower discount.

But for seasonal items, when the season is over, you are probably going to need to offer some steep discounts to motivate shoppers.

In this case, PetSmart offers an impressive discount of over 50% off. However, I would not be surprised if that discount gets better if these items are still here in a week or so.

Make your discounted items stand out from the crowd

PetSmart is a big store with lots of different items to choose from.

So how do they capture the attention of their customers to let them know about discounted items?

Let’s take a look at one example of their discounted Christmas-themed dog toys:

All of the discounted items are placed together in a large stand-alone display so they are easy to find.

The display itself is featured in a prime location right near the checkout so it is hard to miss.

And of course, it is hard to miss all of those product labels.

Use labels to make your promotions more effective

Speaking of labels, this is one prime example of how product labels can really help maximize a promotion.

This label is designed to capture your attention. It is brightly colored, with large motivational text.

This is one of the key reasons labels work so well — they can capture your customer’s attention.

The more customers you can get to see your promotion, the more successful they will be.

PetSmart’s labels also do a great job of reenforcing how good of a deal this is through the use of the phrase REDUCED TO CLEAR. They are basically saying these puppies are priced to sell.

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To recap, we discussed how PetSmart promotes their seasonal items to get them selling faster after the season is over.

PetSmart used heavy mark downs to help motivate shoppers to buy items they might not otherwise consider.

Then, PetSmart made sure these items were hard to miss by featuring them prominently within their store in prime locations.

Lastly, PetSmart reenforced their discounted items through the use of product labels designed to their discounted items stand out.

You can apply similar techniques within your Shopify store through the use of Collections, product discounts and product labels to get your slow moving products selling faster.

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