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How Lowe's turned a cold snap into cold hard cash

September 20, 2017 How Lowe's turned a cold snap into cold hard cash

This past weekend, I was out shopping for a few items I needed at Lowe’s.

As I was walking through the store I happened to pass by this fire pit seen here:


Lowe’s had featured this fire pit in a prominent location in their store where shoppers are likely to pass by.

Since it is still summer here, a fire pit might seem like an odd item to promote.


You see, it won’t be cold enough for a fire pit to get much use here for at least a month or so.

Despite this, that night my family and I enjoyed a toasty fire and s'mores courtesy of our new fire pit.

So why did I buy a fire pit that I most likely won’t use for over a month?

The answer is due to great timing by Lowe’s combined with a great discount.

In today’s post, which was inspired by this purchase, i’d like to discuss:

  • How Lowe’s made the most out of a cold snap to sell more fire pits
  • Using well-timed discounts to convert (even) more sales
  • Keeping an eye out for similar opportunities

#How Lowe’s made the most out of a cold snap to sell more fire pits

As I mentioned above, it is still summer here. Cooler temperatures are at least a month or so out.

However, this past weekend we had our first cold front come through. This front pushed the temperatures down into the 50s and 60s at night. Perfect fire pit weather.

Even though this cold snap only lasted for a night or two, Lowe’s made the most of this situation.

You see, Lowe’s wasted no time. They brought the fire pits out immediately and featured them prominently.

This timing helped inspire their customers (like me) to make it a fire pit night.

#Using well-timed discounts to convert (even) more sales

Even though this weekend was good fire pit weather, most shoppers probably needed a bit more incentive to purchase a fire pit now.

Why would shoppers need more incentive?

Well, this fire pit will likely not see much action again for another month or more.

This is where a well-timed discount really helps out.

Lowe’s dropped the price of this fire pit from $69 down to $49.

They also did a great job of letting you know what a great Special Value this is too with the use of the prominent red label.

This was ultimately enough to tip the scales for me and make me decide to buy this fire pit now, rather than waiting.

#Keeping an eye out for similar opportunities

In e-commerce, this sort of scenario plays out more often than you’d think.

Some of these types of opportunities you can’t predict. Perhaps a celebrity ends up wearing an article of clothing that you happen to sell. Maybe a YouTube star mentions a product you carry.

However, many opportunities are more predictable so you can plan for them.

There are predictable patterns that happen every year such as seasonal buying trends. There are also common ebbs and flows that you may not be able to predict exactly, but you know they will occur such as the weather.

If you give things like this a bit of thought ahead of time, you should be able to think of a few good strategies to apply to your store.

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In this post, we discussed how Lowe’s was able to make the most out of a temporary cold snap to sell more fire pits.

Lowe’s also used a well-timed discount to help motivate shoppers to make the fire pit purchase decision.

With a bit of up front planning, you should be able to come up with a game plan to take advantage of these types of trends within your store.

Then you’ll be able to make the most out of it to make even more sales.