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Flair Countdown Banners

Updated: February 17, 2021

You can add a countdown timer to any banner to add some urgency and boost your sales.


#Setup Instructions

Follow the instructions below to setup a banner countdown timer.


Make sure you’ve installed the Flair app init snippet in your theme. This snippet is required to enable the countdown feature.

#1. Enable The Countdown

You can enable a countdown by clicking the toggle switch under the Countdown section of your banner settings:


#2. Add a {{ countdown }}

Add the text {{ countdown }} into the Content section of your banner where you’d like the countdown to show.

Countdown content

#3. Schedule Your Banner

Schedule your banner to unpublish on a future date and time.


The banner countdown uses the same unpublish date and time as the banner schedule.

#Countdown Settings

You can customize the look and feel of your banners using the settings outlined below.

#Background Color

The background color to use for each countdown section.

#Text Color

The text color to use for the countdown text.

#Text Style

Set your countdown text styling. This includes options such as: bold, italic, underline, bold / italic, bold / underline.


Add some space (a.k.a - padding) around each countdown section.


Customize the day, hour, minute and second labels. Labels are optional so you can leave them blank to show a countdown without labels.


The gap is the space between the sections of the countdown.