Flair update: Support for multiple product badges

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By popular demand, I’m pleased to share the details of the latest Flair release unofficially dubbed the Multiple badge support release. The multiple badge feature is unique in that it was the most requested feature for something I initially didn’t think should be a feature of Flair. Why did I not think Flair should support showing multiple badges for a … Read More

Discounting your Shopify products by price and compare at price

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Last week we discussed the 3 best ways to discount your Shopify products. Discounting your products is one of the key ingredients when it comes to running any Shopify sale. To continue with this theme, over the next 3 weeks I’ll be expanding on each of the 3 ways to discount your Shopify products: Discounting your Shopify products by price … Read More

Are your emojis conveying the right message?

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I’ve mentioned in the past how you can use emojis to promote your Shopify products. Well, I recently received an email from reader David with this follow-up question: Do the emojis look the same on every device ? This is a great question so I thought I’d share the answer here for others to benefit. The short answer is no … Read More

How PetSmart gets rid of seasonal items

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This past week I was out shopping at PetSmart for my dog Tebow seen here: As I was walking around the store, one thing became clear: PetSmart still had lots of seasonal items for sale — but the season was over. Since it was past Christmas, PetSmart was highly motivated to get these items off of their shelves. So how … Read More

How to hide your Shopify best sellers from your competitors

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As you may recall, a few months back I discussed how you can find the best selling products on any Shopify store. Finding the best sellers on other people’s Shopify store may sound great for doing competitive research. But what if you don’t want your competitors to be able to view your best selling Shopify products? Is there anything you … Read More