A look back on Jeff Bezos and Amazon.com in 1999

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I’m taking some time off this week to celebrate Christmas and the end of the year with my family. As I write this I just finished watching my favorite version of Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carole – Scrooged. In Scrooged, it is Bill Murray playing the part of a modern day Mr. Scrooge who is shown the errors of his … Read More

The rise and fall of the fidget spinner craze

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Last week I drove down to Florida with my wife and kids to celebrate Thanksgiving with our family and friends. Along the way, we ended up hitting one of those outlet malls you typically see along the side of the highway. While I was browsing through one of the shops, this particular display caught my eye: You see, not that … Read More

Stripe Launches Relay For Mobile Commerce

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Stripe just announced the launch of Relay, a new tool to help e-commerce stores sell more via mobile devices. What is Stripe Relay? From their announcement: Today, mobile e-commerce websites aren’t working: Ten-step shopping carts, mandatory account signup, slow page loads. When we get linked to a shopping cart on our phone, we usually just give up. That shouldn’t be … Read More